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What Is It?

If you’re an ordinary human being who enjoys watching movies, chances are you’ve definitely gone onto the World Wide Web and watched one online. And the odds that you’ve probably used this particular site are relatively high as well. Enter Movietube. What is it? It’s an online streaming movie service that has approximately 29 websites under its domain name. As the name itself suggests, it’s a website where you can find a large collection of movies, both old and new. Therefore, you would also find newer releases such as Zootopia, London has fallen, or even the highly anticipated Batman Vs Superman. However, these movies would almost definitely have terrible prints owing to the very fact they there are new releases!

maxresdefault (6)

Is It Legal?          

So let’s address the one question that’s always lingering in the corner of our minds, but we choose to leave it there anyway. Is it legal? And the answer is no, sadly it isn’t; which shouldn’t come as a major shock anyway. Movietube was in fact recently sued by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), who happens to represent a majority of the large production powerhouses in Hollywood such as Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Disney, Warner Brothers and Columbia Pictures. The lawsuit claimed that the online movie piracy website was culpable for infringement of property that is completely owned by the aforementioned studios. In addition, Movietube promotes the films that are put up on its websites as well, by creating promotional content on social media sites and providing additional information about the plot as well as the cast of the films.

What’s The Sentence?

The administrators of the website had something to say as well. According to the Movietube Facebook page, they did not deny infringing on copyright sensitive material by stating that, and I quote, “Luckily we are not a US company so we do not need to respect US laws”. The case was ultimately brought to New York District Court by the MPAA and a verdict was given. The MPAA would be awarded $10.5 million in damages and all related Movietube domains would be handed over to the association. Several Movietube websites were then disabled and the domain name made available for re-registry.

However, because the owners of the website so cleverly masked their IP addresses over the internet, the actual identities of the people running the website were never revealed. MPAA was therefore rightfully awarded a large sum of money, but did not receive any of it as the administrators never made it to court to attend the hearing.

Are We Too Late?

Strangely enough, there are still Movietube websites on the internet! Websites such as and opened up not long after the previous sites were taken down. While it cannot be determined if these were created by the same individuals who ran the previous sites, an unverified twitter account claimed that there were so. Also, the removal of these websites weren’t without public dismay. Several people flocked to social media to express their disappointment over not being able to watch films on them anymore.


The App As Well

Apple Inc recently made some strange moves of its own. The billion dollar company approved of a Movietube app on the Apple store that allowed users to view a collection of over 10,000 movies. From newer titles like Anchorman 2, to straight to DVD releases from the 80s and 90s, it definitely does pack a punch when it comes to offering movies. The films were all in high quality (720p) and could be streamed uninterrupted without the hassle of any advertisements. The public naturally loved the app with very few questioning the morality of its use. However, those unscrupulous of you reaching for your Iphones to look the app up, don’t. Sometime after its release, Apple must have realized the existence of such an app and soon removed it.

Movie piracy is still a very grey business. Most people argue that because they pay for their internet services, they are entitled to view such content on the internet if available. And almost everyone online does so. As long as such sites exist, there will definitely be an audience looking to visit them. And it certainly gives the big movie studios a headache when they have to deal with such situations!

Phenq The Body Sleeker Tablets

Phenq is the new generations slimming tablets. The slimming tablet is the easiest way to lose your weight. The phenq tablets are now easily available online. These tablets focus on only one thing that is the weight loss. Regular follow-ups and consumption will give you your dream weight. Over weight is problem of everyone in this fast running world there is no time to work out. Phenq tablets are the perfect solution to this problem of being overweight with just consumption of few tablets. Metabolism is the rate at which body burns calories. Overweight arises when there is a problem in metabolism. This tablet accelerates the metabolism system and enable you to burn fat very quickly. It increases thermogenesis in your body means increases the heat production in body for weight loss. It is developed and trademarked under the α-Lacys Reset

Ingredients in Phenq

Phenq is a blend of capsicum, black pepper, vitamin C, caffeine, L-carnitinefurmarate and Nopal. The capsicum and the black pepper have a large amount of thermogenesis which increase the production of heat in body and helps to get thin. It is believed that black pepper stops production of new fat cells in body.Nopal gives all the nourishment to your body.L-carnitinefurmarate derived from red meat and vegetable gives you a feeling of satisfaction so that you consume less food. Cafine is the ingredient to give you energy and keep you active. These ingredients have been proven chemically to have the capacity to control your increasing weight.


Superior quality

The same ingredients may available in other medicines but the perfect blend and the secret ingredients make it even more effective. The highest quality ingredients and approval of various scientific test make it more operative. It has high quality formula produced in the US and UK in GMP and FDA approved facilities.

Benefits of Phenq

It burn fat by increasing the metabolism. Slow metabolism is the main cause of overweight. It also stop fat production with the help of the powerful ingredients it contains. It protects individual from over eating and controls the craving of constant hunger. As this hunger is controlled the weight loss becomes easy. The food consumption is restricted to a certain point. It gives you energy and the laziness totally becomes invisible. The metabolism works perfectly and all the positive impact you can see in your body. Generally other weight loss medicines make people cranky but phenq with its best results also give the consumer a best mood and a great and soothing mind. It protects from the nagging behaviour.  The combination of lots of healthy effects Phenq has made weight loss simple and time saving process.


People are giving very positive reviews. People are saying that they have become much more confident and they are doing all the social activities with great heart. The people who hated to go out with the overweight body are feeling overwhelmed hence we could conclude all in all that it has great effect and results are as per the expectations.

Advice For Parents For Kids After Separation


When divorce happens, it affects everyone in the family, children and parents alike. Now that it has happened, it is time to move on. You as a parent, you need to take care of yourself, be strong for your children and yourself through the divorce or separation. What should you do when you find yourself in a divorce situation? At, you are advised to:

  • Make sure to be patient with yourself, especially in the first year as it is the toughest of them all. It might take two to three years to adjust fully after the divorce happens
  • Come to terms with all the feelings that are going through your head and know that it is ok to feel that way
  • Make sure to get in touch with family, support groups, professionals like counselors so that you can get help
  • Make sure that you take care of your health by eating and sleeping well, and getting enough exercise.


Know that divorce has closed one chapter in your life, and opened a new chapter. Work on the new chapter diligently as described at

What Are Your Children Going Through

Just like you, your children have been affected terribly by the divorce. Because they don’t have the language skill or experience to express themselves about what they are feeling, they will show their grief through behavioral change which depends on their age.

  • They may be in denial, not believing what has happened and having hopes of the two parents reconciling and coming back together.
  • Others might react with anger and ask the parents harsh questions such as; why have you ruined my life? How comes you are getting divorced? Why you and not other parents?; why are you (the parents) being selfish and thinking about yourselves only?


  • They might even start bargaining, thinking that maybe their bad behavior is what led to the break up and if they behave well, the parents might reconcile.
  • Some might be depressed and feel sad and alone while others might react by not wanting to talk to anybody.
  • Some take it positively, accept what has happened and accept that, although the parents are not living together, they still love them.

At, you will learn a lot of information about divorce and its effects on children and parents alike. Share with other parents so that they can get help on how to cope up with divorce when it strikes.

How To Increase Brand Loyalty?


If you are planning to create a business, or already have one, then it’s best to consider the many things you will need before going to the deep waters! Business isn’t just about the buying and selling or products or services, but there are underlying factors that go with it as well. You will need to work on things such as expenses and you capital, or to build your brand name and increase your number of customers! It’s very important to have a good flow of customers coming in, especially if you are one who is planning to put up their business in the long run. With that in mind, you must know about brand loyalty and how to increase it.

How to Keep the Customer Dry Erase Board TIps Techniques

How to Increase Brand Loyalty?

Ever heard of regular customers constantly going into restaurants or stores everyday just to purchase any small product of a company? That’s brand loyalty! People will never leave the place and go somewhere else because of their love for the brand and the products or services they have to offer. And that’s something every company wants from their customers. But the question is: How can you build brand loyalty, especially if you just started your business? Here are some tips on how to do that:

  1. Your customers are always first! Keep your customers happy with the help of quality products and professional services. Make them feel welcome and if you create a remarkable experience, they will surely be back.
  2. Gather feedback from your customers, may they be old or new. Getting feedback will help you learn how to improve as a person and business. Plus, they will be talking about their experience to loved ones, so make sure you give them quality experience!

3.Discover ways on how to impress your customers! This means having promos and surprising them with loyalty cards or tokens of appreciation. They’ll certainly love the effort and want to go back for more.


If you are looking for more ways to increase the success of your business, then websites such as will be able to do that all for free! They give you great advice and tips for you and your business, and there is no need to be charged, doing everything on your own. you’ll feel accomplished as your business grows through the many tips has to offer. So what are you waiting for? Start boosting your business and brand loyalty today!

Get Instant Payday Loans


There are a number of reasons why Vippi are becoming more and more popular these days. While there are various other loans available in the market, payday loans are the easiest to apply for and also the safest way to ensure you do not borrow too much money that gets tough to pay back eventually. A number of companies offer hassle free payday loan services which make it easy for you to get out of a tough financial situation and settle your finances in no time.


Payday loans are convenient and quick. All it takes is a couple of documents and you can have cash in your account in a matter of hours. This makes it one of the best options to have in case of a medical or a financial emergency. This option certainly makes it handy in unknown situations. Not knowing what the future holds in store is crazy. Payday loans are easy to apply for and it only takes a few minutes for the loan to get approved. This means you do not have to visit a bank or a finance company multiple times before you get the money. While most loans need you to either pay back in a short time span or a long time span, payday loans enable you to pay back the money at your convenience. You can choose to pay back the money either on a short term basis or long term depending on what suits you better.


Paying back a payday loans is also easy. All the company will need is a direct debit mandate signed by you. This will be submitted to your bank and once approved; the monthly instalments will go out accordingly depending on the amount agreed. There are no restrictions to what you can apply for and what you can’t. Payday loans can be used for anything in general and there is no reason why the company will ever deny you of a payday loan. This makes it one of the best loan options that enable you to get that money to help you out of a difficult financial situation without too much stress. While banks and financial companies need to know the reason for the loan with other loan applications, this is not required in the case of a payday loan. All you need to do is keep your payday loan payback history clean with no delayed or defaulted payments.

Indivitduality Through Bike Graphics

Individuality is definitely a thing of this century. You can see many people customizing various possessions they own. They have customized things from vehicles, their bags and even their smartphones. Sometimes the fact that you can customize a certain product will attract customers towards it more over its competition. Probably one of the most common showcases of individuality amongst people is through their vehicles. Whether it is customization on their car or motorbike you can see people making their individuality known through these. There are many options like the Yamaha sticker kits for use to customize motorbikes whether for motocross or not. You can even customize the overall look of your motorbike to suit your style or need.motorbike-graphics-accesories Graphic Kits And Custom Shops

Probably one of the known ways of customization for motorbikes is through motor graphic kits. These can either be sprayed on or stuck on the body of the motorbike. You can choose your design and have experts at custom bike shops that help you make your motorbike look even better. After all, it’s also a form of self-expression. It is quite similar to styling your clothes. It’s also a way of standing out in competitions like a motocross competition for example. You would definitely want to stand out amongst your competitors. It will be easy to identify you as well through your bike’s design.truck-motorbike-graphics

Creativity and Flexibility With Design

You can pick any design you would like to have on your bike. This is not only fit for men as there are motor graphic kits designed even for women too. And if you would like a cute design for your bike there are manly designs and even cute designs. If you would like to, there are places where you can even customize the design for the kits to suit your style even more. There a lot of motor graphic kits available out there for you to choose from. The Yamaha sticker kit is one option which has a selection of style ready for you to stick on to your bike.

Gone are the days of being limited. These days many people are fond of customization. And thanks to technological advances and human creativity we are able to customize many things like our rides. Who wouldn’t love to show off their individuality while taking a turn on the motocross with a distinct bike graphic? It’ll definitely catch everyone’s attention to see your personality through the bike’s graphic designs.

Pokemon Map to Help Make Your Gameplay Easier!

Are you a huge fan of Pokemon? You’ve probably been playing it since it’s started in the 90s. Starting out as a simple game found in the Gameboy, it has started to expand until it became one of the most popular games Nintendo has ever produces, with millions of people playing it as of the recent years. From Nintendo DS, phone emulators, GameCubes and more, you can see the evolution Pokemon has experienced throughout the years. With technology advancing and with the help of many smartphone features, you can now rejoice as developers have created a new app called Pokemon Go!maxresdefault What is Pokemon Go?

Are you a true fan of Pokemon? Have you ever dreamt of becoming a Pokemon trainer yourself, going around various places and “catching them all”? With Pokemon Go, you can now do all that and more! An app available in all smartphones, Pokemon Go has you walking around your local areas in search for legendary Pokemon. Capture your favorites and level up, joining gyms, battling players, and even creating your own gym! Rest at Pokestops, explore the places around you, and interact with other Pokemon trainers through the app! Not only is it entertaining, but it’s great exercise as you experience what it’s like to be a true Pokemon trainer traveling around various places in town.pikachu_pokemon_go.0

Another cool thing about Pokemon Go is that through GPS technology and high graphics, you are able to capture Pokemon as if they were right in front of you! You get to see the different places around you that have gyms and Pokestops where you can battle or rest. Not only that, but you will also be able to see the different Pokemon around you and see if you’d like to capture them or not!

About the Pokemon Map

The Pokemon Map is what will help you capture Pokemon, find Pokestops and different gyms. It is actually one of the main features of the game. After registering, you are prompted into a map of your area, where you can find the different Pokemon around you to start off. It will also help you explore and find everything you need. Through GPS technology, they are able to track your steps and where you are going, as well as identifying the different places where there are lures and other legendary Pokemon to capture!

But the problem is that the Pokemon map only caters to close ranges. What if you want to check out what’s beyond the vicinity? That is where different Pokemon Go maps come along, with them being able to show you the various available places you can visit in order to battle, capture, or rest up! It’s very beneficial, especially for those who love to go around other places for Pokemon Go.

You can download these apps in your smartphone, where you can start exploring far and wide, tracking where you are going and all the Pokemon you are able to capture in various places.

Seo-Meaning And Its Needs


SEO or Search engine optimization is a technique by which the visibility of a webpage or a website can be increased considerably in the search results delivered by popular search engines like-Google, Yahoo, Bing and a few others. The results of a search engine are unpaid and are also well known by other terms like- natural, earned or organic results.

It is an internet marketing strategy that considers various factors like how a particular search engine works, what is it that people often search on these search engines, what keywords are popularly used in the search engines and which search engines are the preferred ones of their target audience.


It would be wrong to think that SEO tricks your website’s way up to the search engine’s results or it is a magical formula of giving success to your website, however you might design it.  Instead it is a strategic method of making your website search engine friendly. Some of the benefits of Search Engine Optimization are as follows-

  1. It aims or focuses at marketing a website for its USP or uniqueness.
  2. They help in all genuine ways to make a website search engine friendly and rank it higher in the visibility.
  3. Improving the quality of websites and make it easily available to more and more people.
  4. Finding an appropriate keyword or a keyword phrase that can help a website climb up the ladder of search engine results.
  5. Finding out how your website links with the other sites on the internet.


Besides the SEOs performing their tasks, it is also important to keep a few points in mind while designing the website like it should have quality content, should be updated regularly and a few more.

Do not forget to check for number 1 seo Company uk.

3 Happy Wheels Strategies That You Should Know

Though Happy Wheels may be a game with really simple controls, concepts, and objectives, it can grow to become really hard to beat. The physics game features a lot of simple elements that act as obstacles and resemble real-world (and sometimes, unexpected), which are made a lot harder by the highly complex physics.nC5pRAxioZJ9_1280x720 However, there are certain really important (and obvious) strategies which significantly affect the outcome of the game.

#1 Focus On Balance

Happy Wheels features an exceptionally accurate physics engine, which is why you’ll need to use balance controls that it features. Unlike many other ‘physics games’, Happy Wheels won’t help you get back on your feet – wheels – when you manage to get yourself go flipping through the level. Offering extra attention to balance is something that you’ll need to pay enough attention to, throughout the game.the_happy_wheels_gang_by_imspidey2-d6kii17

#2 Protect Your Head

Realism is something that the developer has given a lot of focus to. The head is certainly a body part that needs to be protected at all costs, which is why any injuries to it in the game will cause you to lose. Unlike many other similar games, your player character won’t simply bounce off after hitting its head on the ground; it’ll die as soon as that happens. And oh – don’t worry about the helmets; they’ll fall off as soon as you manage to bump into something.

#3 Take It Slow

Don’t rush into the game – keep it slow. Because, like we’ve told you earlier, Happy Wheels works on an unusually accurate physics engine, which makes it important for you to pay attention to almost everything that can affect the motion of your character. Make your way through the game slowly; for trying to rush will only make your character lose a head and probably some part of the intestines in the end.

10 Top Funeral Service Providers in Singapore

As cynical as they sound, Funeral Services are an important part of our society. Though often neglected, they’re to be included in the list of amenities/facilities that should be provided during planning/designing a particular community. Funeral Services are mandatory as they not only felicitate the dead but also gives a soothing to the living. Therefore, with an intense research here’s a list of top 10 funeral services Singapore providers that you can contact:

Flowers left on the casket following funeral services for Deputy James D. Paugh at Hillcrest Memorial Park Thursday afternoon October 27, 2011.

Flowers left on the casket following funeral services for Deputy James D. Paugh at Hillcrest Memorial Park Thursday afternoon October 27, 2011.

  1. SFS Care Pte Ltd: The reason the service provider SFS Care Pte Ltd tops the list is because of it’s dedication to the maintenance and the implementation assuring the customers giving the best that they can. The services they provide are not only functional but also are decent and compassionate, and therefore anybody that come to the funeral finds warmth. Also, they ensure the safety and security of the clients, guests, customers, staffs, workers, suppliers and always follows the code of practices at any cost. They also offer the certain type of goods like flowers, coffins along with the services (as defined in the S14 Sales of Goods Act). They charge so reasonably making the service affordable along with stipulated time frame and aesthetic service conditions.
  2. Serenity Casket: Not a private LTD though, Serenity Casket is more of a door side service than a company. The service is run by a local family with a renowned Funeral Director and well-established staff who have been working in the field for a while now. Therefore, they have a personal touch of customization to offer after understanding and listening to the needs and preferences of the bereaved families. They serve you with sympathy, empathy, dignity and compassion and in case if you’re facing an issue, they will be there to offer the assistance 24*7, just a phone call away.
  3. Casket Fairprice: Providing services since 1993, Casket has grown tremendously in everything they do and now they’re one of the top funeral service provider lists in Singapore. The best thing about Casket Fairprice is that they give you an adaptable one stop solution to all the funeral service needs based on the family and their preferences. The pricing policy is very transparent and universal as they’re also available in the form of packages, listed on their websites. The contents and services they offer in different packages are also listed justifying the reasonable pricing. A bit commercial, they also focus on the terms of sympathy and warmth which makes them stand out.
  4. Ang Chin Moh Casket: Being the most ancient service providers in Singapore, it served the bereaved families for so long making them obviously the experienced in the industry. They began very humbly in the year of 1912 and there was no turning back ever since. Initially, they were just a small unit at the corner of the Liang Siah Street, and then the expansion started taking place, and now they have their brand value in Geylang Bahru. People are still going to the service providers despite being old is because of their professional attitude, sincerity, and dedication shown towards the customers.
  5. Central Funeral: The provider, Central Funeral is a believer of giving a decent sendoff for the perished. The complete suite of administrations for every single significant religion in Singapore is provided by the provider. Helmed by the family of Goh people for as far back as 15 years, the memorial service not just adheres to customs while sorting out a wake, additionally considers cutting-edge methods for the deduction to suit client’s needs and inclinations. Central Funeral are knowledgeable about taking care of post-burial service matters and demise dedications.
  6. Trinity Casket: As the name sounds, it is an endorsed organization for burial service and morgue undertakings. Starting in 1991 and embraced around 12,000 funerals. Various funerals for VIP, for example, relatives of priests and prestige businesspeople, and also repatriations of perished far and wide. Trinity Casket works intently along Christian standards and is effectively indulged with missions to the extent Africa, Vietnam, Nepal, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, China, Indonesia,  and in Singapore.
  7. Singapore Casket: The company, a brand is the biggest and most respectable memorial service supplier in Singapore with the staff quality containing 60 committed burial service counselors and executives. We are a completely possessed backup of InvoCare Ltd, an Asia Pacific’s driving supplier of burial services. Through and through the organization claims and works burial service homes, graveyards and crematoria around New Zealand and Australia. Established in 1920 by John Hochstadt, the organization not just survived the cruel times of World War II, additionally flourished and extended throughout the years on account of the substantial devotion from the staff.
  8. Solace Casket: At this Funeral Service, you get esteem for a sensible cost during a period when you require it most. They comprehend your requirements at such a period. With the departure of an adoration the whole gang the bother of dealing with a separating, you require a minding administration supplier to help you through this minute in time without leaving a battling trouble on yourself and family, the separated affection one abandoned. Solace Casket is the organization to get you through this misfortune without including further hardship subsequently.Funeral Services
  9. Singapore Bereavement Services: Put faith in a straightforward charging method offered by the provider and everything goes impeccably. Costs for their bundles are recorded apparently on the site. It is unmistakably expressed with the goal that you would recognize what you are paying for. Consequently they have ordered every one of the things that their clients will get in the bundle. Their point is to convey quality items and administrations at a moderate expense. As a client, you no more need to spend a “ton” in giving your left friends and family an honorable takeoff.
  10. Effortlessness Casket Pte Ltd: The company has been serving the general population since 1981, giving transparent and affordable memorial service bundles for all religions: Catholic, Taoist, Christian, Hindu, Soka Gakkai, Buddhist, Tibetan, Nichiren Shoshu They likewise work with the nearby group focuses and nursing homes to give free memorial service administrations and Pre-Funeral Arrangement for the low pay families and dejected.


Shed That Flab With The Super-Machines


Do you find it really messy to hit it to the gym and shed you weight? If yes then there are some magic tools that can help you to get what you want in a more enjoyable way and you call it as the vibration machine. Jumping joyfully has been accounted in losing out the flab that you have put on so why not to try something related to that.

Let’s check out various facets of this great tool that has seen to be quite fruitful in making you lose the weight that you have.

How effective the vibration machine can be for you?

There have been various comparisons drawn with the regular gym and exercising but what makes this machine really enjoyable as a working out platform. The best thing is that you can sit at your placed relaxed and here is the machine doing rounds for you. If done in a right way you will be happy to get that flab lost in the time that you might never have expected.

There are some concerns regarding the benefits that you get from this but for the safety that it entails, vibrating machine is just the perfect for you.

How much time you need to put in it?


A lot depends upon the body weight that you have and accordingly you need to invest the time. Your training guide is going to reveal that to you and you will surely gain benefits as per what he says. So keep in check the things that he tells you otherwise the results may not come out to be very effective.

If you are not consulting any guide then ensure that putting at least 15 minutes on the machine accrues for you the substantial results. But it is recommended that you are considering getting trained under a physical trainer so that the results you get are gained in a time bound manner.

What effects can the full body vibration may have on your body?

There is seen a benefit of the effects of the full body vibration on your body which can be very fruitful in making you gain a body that is fit overall. Check out the results that you can gain from the vibrating machine exercise:


  • If you are in an older age group then you have better health benefits
  • The pain in back can reduce substantially
  • You may experience a reduced bone loss

What you need to keep in mind while picking up this mode of training?

There are no such promises to keep when you have picked up any form of exercise so what you need to ensure is that the forms of training should suit your body type. There may be some situation in which you have to be really careful in going for the vibration exercise. Be protected from the problems that you might have so that you do not have any type of injury from the physical training.