3 Happy Wheels Strategies That You Should Know

Though Happy Wheels may be a game with really simple controls, concepts, and objectives, it can grow to become really hard to beat. The physics game features a lot of simple elements that act as obstacles and resemble real-world (and sometimes, unexpected), which are made a lot harder by the highly complex physics.nC5pRAxioZJ9_1280x720 However, there are certain really important (and obvious) strategies which significantly affect the outcome of the game.

#1 Focus On Balance

Happy Wheels features an exceptionally accurate physics engine, which is why you’ll need to use balance controls that it features. Unlike many other ‘physics games’, Happy Wheels won’t help you get back on your feet – wheels – when you manage to get yourself go flipping through the level. Offering extra attention to balance is something that you’ll need to pay enough attention to, throughout the game.the_happy_wheels_gang_by_imspidey2-d6kii17

#2 Protect Your Head

Realism is something that the developer has given a lot of focus to. The head is certainly a body part that needs to be protected at all costs, which is why any injuries to it in the game will cause you to lose. Unlike many other similar games, your player character won’t simply bounce off after hitting its head on the ground; it’ll die as soon as that happens. And oh – don’t worry about the helmets; they’ll fall off as soon as you manage to bump into something.

#3 Take It Slow

Don’t rush into the game – keep it slow. Because, like we’ve told you earlier, Happy Wheels works on an unusually accurate physics engine, which makes it important for you to pay attention to almost everything that can affect the motion of your character. Make your way through the game slowly; for trying to rush will only make your character lose a head and probably some part of the intestines in the end.