About The Food, Packaging And Shipping: Sun Basket

Sunbasket is a great service, offering easy meal kit delivery service and fresh organic ingredients delivered at your doorstep. The food is fresher than the grocery store and delivery also faster. They deliver the highest quality fresh meats and seafood.

The sunbasket is the best home meal delivery market for people who are stressed, time-poor and short of culinary inspiration. Moreover it’s a very good concept of MEALS ON WHEELS for our family, friends or one retired grandparent looking after his grandchild for some time. A busy parent can easily teach their kids healthy food habits involving them in the cooking process and also make good use of their time. It would also work well for the single professionals, (and, or dual professional with no kids or empty nesters) who appreciates a creative outlet and is also tired of eating out, can try sunbasket which is quite reasonable with a cost of $15 per meal. Their core priorities are healthy food, meaty, ready-to-cook, and serve meals & recipes delivered.

About Sun Basket:

It was found in San Francisco in 2014 by Adam Zbar and Chef Justine Kelly, sunbasket is currently located in California, Washington, New Jersey, Colorado, and Arizona. It covers 80% of the US population. It is sunbasket’s dream to deliver meals to 98% of US population and they are working hard on it. Some couples and students who are their regular consumers are very happy and content with their service. Sun basket has 3 classes of meal each week. VEGETARIAN, PALEO AND GLUTEN FREE.


Though there are many competitors in the market like Blue Apron, Plated, Hello Fresh and much more, sunbasket is the only service which has all the options to consistently meet our needs.

About The Food, Packaging And Shipping:

Sun basket keeps in mind the very important things while preparing the meals, recipes and packing the food and shipping the fresh and healthy food to the customers. It’s cost effective (under $15 per meal) organic food, ready to cook, and the most important thing is the recipe which is prepared by the well-known chef Justine Kelly. The recipes provided are quick, easy to prepare, freshest organic ingredients, when combined with the given instructions will give a very fruitful and tasty result.

Sun basket delivers a meal to your door every Tuesday, with a box filled with two portions of three healthy meals enough for two adult people. You just need some basic utensils to cook these foods sometimes a baking sheet can be also be used. The cost for the whole week comes down to $70 which is quite reasonable for 2 people for dinner who end up paying more for a single meal in a day.

The ingredients are shipped weekly in insulated boxes, which are designed to keep your ingredients such as meat or seafood cold through the shipment. sunbasket delivers the food 3 times faster than your normal grocery stores.  The recipes are so different that you might find it in a reputable magazine and wonder how to make it. Each customer will learn a new exotic recipe or a type of ingredients available in the market like lemon grass, kaffir lime or a frillata and much more. Each customer will learn how to combine ingredients and prepare delicious meals. Organic ingredients are produced without toxic fertilizers or pesticides. While choosing certified organic food one benefits the environment and public health.


Meals are between 500-800 calories and sunbasket carefully selects the best quality non-GMO free from pesticides.

Meal kits are clearly labeled upon delivery. The consumer saves the time of preparing a menu, creating a shopping list, and finally transporting everything home. While cooking still has to be done the sunbasket purchase meat and seafood from the ranchers and fisherman whom they trust completely. They only supply pastured and grass-fed, antibiotic meat to the consumer assuring their customers that their food is hundred percent hygienic. Sun basket makes the consumer more connected to their food, offering more veggies in the meal kit, minimizing the amount of trash.

The box is packed well from start to finish, opening the top we find brown tissue inside with 3 different menu cards. Each bag is labeled and it even has large reusable Nordic gel packs to keep everything cold for shipping and gel packs at the bottom with cardboard to keep the protein intact and chilled. Once you open you will find all your ingredients like spices, fresh herbs, nuts and even fruits.

The packaging is quite interesting if you don’t like anything you don’t add it as everything comes in its own container, it can be re-used or recycled.

The Sun Basket recipes are prepared by well-known Chefs and one of its founders Justin Kelly is the award-winning former head of the restaurant ‘slanted door’ in San Francisco. Her recipes are quite popular in the US.  It is worthy to mention that sunbasket is not recommended for people with allergies. Overall, the company has received positive reviews for its dedicated service and remains popular among its customers.