Heriberto Cooksey

Heriberto Cooksey – Owner/Blogger

In many parts of the world, people have not shared the advancements that happen in medicine. A country like China and Japan has invented many diagnostic and treatment equipment that have eased the healing and recovery of patients. Other countries, especially the African countries like Kenya are still lugging behind with the old medical equipment. This platforms shares information through its social media campaigns, its pages and articles to ensure that people get to know the latest advancements in the medical field so that people can buy. Technology has eased things in other sectors, so the same it has done in medicine.

Find the latest cancer screening and radiotherapy machines, the latest MRI machines and other radiology equipment. We offer even advice on how to maintain these machines so that people get the best knowledge to handle them. Find out what is happening in the CT scan science, Mammogram machines and the latest three phase digital X-rays.  We include even the price and the features and we also give opinions on the products to let you know so that you can make the perfect decision. This is the best way to ensure that all is done perfectly and outstanding.