Addiction And The Remedy

The story line of Udta Punjab has won accolades and why would it not? Though the movie has not given any crude solution or crackdown on the drug quagmire which has plagued our country, it has definitely evinced importance of the rehabilitation process. The rehabilitation process is not a one-size-fits-all programme; it depends on the type drug addict you are dealing with.  There are usually two categories of drug addicts and each need to broach the subject of rehabilitation differently. The first category is called the novelty or sensation seekers. These addicts seek drugs for pleasure and feeling of euphoria or due to peer pressure so that their peers do not give them a cold shoulder. Usually adolescents constitute this category and fear of being left alone shoves them into this venomous drug. The second category individuals use drug as way to tackle their lives’ problems which is often depression and dysphoria. Instead of taking drugs for pleasure purpose they consume it in order to escape the negative or dismal feelings they have.


As drug addiction is a relapsing disease with comorbid physical disorders, a four pronged drug rehabilitation programme should be tailored for addicts retracting abstinence. Detoxification, behavioral counseling, treatment of other mental health problems and medication are the four aspects that need to be dealt thoroughly. Detoxification is the first step in this process which rids the body from drugs. Medication helps to restore normal functioning of the brain and abate drug cravings. Behavioral counseling is divided into two sections of treatment: Outpatient treatment and residential treatment. Under the former programme, the health counsellor visits the patients regularly and the therapies given help the patients to avoid and endure the situation in which they are vulnerable to use drugs. Motivational interviewing and motivational incentives also help people instill strong willpower to change their attitude and discourage them from taking to drugs. Residential treatment is for severe drug addiction. Residential treatments need to be licensed first and then they provide facilities like safe housing, medical care and attention. They help the patients to live a life free form drugs and crimes post treatment.


Orange County Rehab is one such organisation that is putting efforts in this direction and is progressing with a great message: a drug addict does not advertently destroys himself and he also desires to receive what he has lost by giving in to drugs. Orange county Rehab is mandated by the court to provide drug rehabilitation treatment and along with this it also offers support in legal matters related to drug addiction. Orange County Rehab is working since 13 years in drug rehabilitation via a comprehensive treatment course which includes tested treatment methods, experienced staff, tender and loving counseling team and state-of-the-art amenities. It has specialised programmes that help understand the psychology behind addiction, results and disorders and offers consonant solutions that curb the harmful effects of drug use. Orange county addiction treatment improves the well being of a patient on emotion, physical and spiritual level, allowing them to transform themselves into social and useful elements of the society.