Are Music Download Apps Safe?

Music is very important to all of us and in enjoyed by all of us whenever we are free or when we are working. Music is the essence of life and I personally can’t live without music. Recently due to such tough laws the world’s largest torrent website went down and that has continued with others too. This deeply saddens me as to how will I get my discographies from? Well there are some ways that you could still get your music from.


There is a lot of music apps that you can use and download whatever you want but the question is using these music apps legal and safe? Well various music downloading apps work as peer to peer sharing sites. What their software allows them to do is that they can check out files on another user’s computer and they basically act as a channel between the two peers.


These peer to peer websites aren’t illegal, but what is illegal is the media file that is being shared on these websites due to copyright. Copyright laws America don’t allow a third party to share their property without any authorization unlike China and Russia. China and Russia the laws on copyright are very loose and therefore most of the hackers and torrent servers originate from Russia.



The best app that was released for the Android Market was Music Paradise Pro. It basically had a search engine for music of its own and would provide you to the link of any kind of music that you wanted. You could then click on the link and download the song that you wanted to. Due to copyright problems, this app was taken off the market as it was getting really popular and was catching a lot of eye but there is nothing to be concerned about because this app is still available and we will tell you how to download it. First of all you need to do is download an extraction software from the PlayStore. After you have done that go on and download the APK file of Music Paradise Pro. Then you will need to extract the file as the APK is a zip file and after the extraction is done, click on the zip file and the install the application but these websites are completely illegal but you don’t need to be tensed because nothing is going to happen to you.