Best E-Liquids 2016

The most fun part about electronic cigarettes is the e-liquid. This fun component brings out the flavor and fun of using digital cigarettes. You can comfortably make e-juice at home or get your best flavor from purchasers. If you are new to vaping, fear not following up on e-liquid guides and reviews that will help you find the best flavor to satisfy your needs. The reviews focus on the best e-liquids in the market that are most purchased.eliquid

Below is a list of the best e-liquid that you will satisfy your cravings.

  1. V2 platinum e-liquids– this is the best known e-liquid available in the market. They are particularly known for their platinum liquid which is limited. Their flavors have been made to perfection so that their clients are able to enjoy an original taste. They have good reviews from their packages, labels, design, flavor, throat hit, nicotine levels and the platinum e-liquid.
  2. VaporFi e-liquid;this type of e-juice offers the broadest e-liquid on the market. They have a great variety of premade e-liquids that offers clients the ability to make their own by blending or even mixing 3 different flavors.
  3. Black note tobacco vape juices; black note is generally known for its quality and richness of flavors. They offer tobacco-like e-juices that smokers can enjoy to vape. Even though they are not cheap, their quality is very high. It has a unique flavor extraction process which the producers claim to be the safest method for flavor extraction from tobacco leaves.
  4. XEO e-liquid; XEO has a variety of e-liquidflavor collection. Enjoy flavors like tobacco, menthol, fruits and XEO liquid specialty flavors that will leave you addicted to vaping. The best thing about XEO is that it can easily be purchased from anywhere in the world.



Getting the best e-liquid can be a bit hard but with guides and reviews you are able to enjoy the best e-liquid.