Dating Tips For Him And Her

  • Getting ready and Being Prepared: First of all, there will be no freaking out about this date. The more worked up you get about the date, the more goofy you will seem. You need to make sure that you have talked to your date and have made arrangements. You should both discuss the time you are meeting, where to meet and where you will be meeting each other. It’s okay to go out and buy yourself a new outfit for the date. Go ahead, you deserve it. Yes, I know, that sounded cheesy.


  • Timing Is Everything: On the phone, the two of you should have discussed by now and figured out where you’ll are going and what time you are to meet. Is he picking you up at your house? Are you catching a taxi? Whatever is, just make sure you don’t miscommunicate. Timing is everything on a first date. You can also use Android Dating to set the time.
  • Minding Your Manners: There’s nothing worse than a man or woman who doesn’t mind their manners. Didn’t your mamma teach you manners? Well, not is the time to dust them off and start using them. If men are going to pick the woman up for a date, they need to be sure that they open the car door for the lady. Also, be sure to open all doors going in and out of places.

  • Starting A Conversation This is probably one of the most important tips and a dater’s concern. What ever will you talk about? How will the conversation go? Will it have some sort of flow or will there be crickets chirping? It’s good to have an idea of what you want to talk about before you go. Of course, please don’t rehearse it in front of a mirror. That’s just creepy. Just have a few things in mind that you would like to chat about. If you’re lucky, you both will get along great and you won’t have to worry about conversation.