Diabetes Destroyer: A Brief Review

Diabetes Mellitus, commonly referred as diabetes, is one of the most common metabolic diseases across the globe with prevalence rate as high as 8.5% in adults over 18 years of age. Diabetes is a chronic disease which occurs due to malfunctioning of a hormone – insulin. Either body does not produce the required amount of insulin or is unable to use it effectively. Either way, it leads to increase in blood pressure (hyperglycaemia) which in turn, causes serious damage to the body, especially the nervous system and blood vessels.


Typically, it is kept in control by using insulin/ non-insulin medicines, diet control and exercise. However, the inability of modern medicines to cure the disease completely and its exorbitant prices call for an alternative method for the problem.

A new product, Diabetes Destroyer, has been recently launched by David Andrews which claims to cure Type II diabetes and pre diabetes within less than a week. Created in alliance with his school friend, Jonanthan, this product provides a three step course to treat the disease.

Inspired from a research by Rogue Taylor, the first step involves boosting the insulin factory by following a strict diet chart. However, this manages the insulin levels temporarily, and can be maintained only by increasing the metabolism (Step 2) by performing thirty seconds workout and including three types of prescribed berries in your food plan. The final step involves eating the meals on strict assigned timings to maintain body systems. If followed, David claims that it will eradicate the diabetes completely.


Though available on affordable prices, the credibility of the product is yet uncertain. But the company offers money back guarantee within sixty days if you aren’t satisfied with the service, and the recommended procedure do not have any side effects, so maybe it is worth a shot.