Different Benefits Of Cannabis In Treating Diabetes

Diabetes is the most dangerous disease which has been related to the various metabolic disorders in the human body. Those who are all affected by the diabetes should be very careful in getting the proper treatments in order to reduce the high glucose levels in your blood. In order to reduce the effects of diabetes, everyone can grow cannabis or weed at your home. Growing weed or cannabis at home is highly beneficial for the diabetes patients who can use the leaves of this plant for their diabetes treatment. There are so many scientific evidences that cannabis or weed will prevent and also treat diabetes in the human beings.

Preventative benefits of diabetes:


Diabetes is basically the result of high level insulin and glucose in the human body. At the same time, it is related to the lower levels of high density lipoprotein cholesterol in the human body. The recent scientific studies have proved the effects of cannabis or weed on insulin resistance and also fasting insulin.

The researchers discovered that the people who are all currently using the cannabis had 16 % lower fasting insulin levels and also 17 % lower level of insulin in their bloodstream than the persons who don’t consume it. With this result, it is found that cannabis can prevent getting diabetes and also controlling its symptoms. In order to get such effective benefits to reduce the amount of insulin in the human blood, many of them start growing weed or cannabis plant at home for their personal use.

How cannabis lowers insulin resistance (IR)?


  • Insulin resistance is basically a particular condition which causes the human cells to avoid the normal mechanism of the insulin that is a hormone produced by pancreas. This insulin hormone is the base for the regulation of the glucose metabolism in the human body.
  • This IR is related to the type II diabetes. In type I diabetes, the human body will not able to produce the enough amount of insulin whereas in the type II diabetes production of the insulin will be unaffected.
  • When the human body cells have become insulin resistant, they will not able to absorb the necessary glucose to supply with the enough energy to the body.
  • The use of weed or cannabis will be highly beneficial to solve all these problems and normalize the levels of glucose and insulin in the human body.