Essentials Of New Age Dermal Filler Courses For Nurses

It is a known fact that time takes a toll on one of the major concerning part of our body, the skin. Now-a-days, ageing is no more the only factor that is the cause of skin damage. Pollution, different hormonal effects, side-effects of multiple medicines, the stress born from today’s ‘no-respite’ schedule and damages caused by the Sun; are some of the most prominent reasons for skin damage. Now, there is a miracle answer or solution to all of that. Dermal fillers!


Dermal filling is a treatment for the skin that can treat various skin issues. Issues like ageing wrinkles, acne scars are well treated with dermal filling. One can also get smoother skin, fuller lips, and better cheeks using dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are primarily injectable filling serums and substances injected to the concerned area for expected results.

Facts about it:

These fillers are soft in nature and fills up the tissues to give the user’s skin a smoother look. But these are temporary because, after a certain amount of time the injected substance gets absorbed by the body. Therefore, one may have to take several shots for acquiring the effect. Normally the effect lasts up to half a year or sometimes a little more than that, but this is an ongoing treatment, a constant process for dermatological treatments. The results or effects may vary depending upon the substance that is used, the health of one’s skin and its conditions, lifestyle and food habits, usage of cosmetic products etcetera.



Some of the materials or substances, used as fillers by the nurses or the treatment providers include Collagen, polymers of bio-synthetic origin like Polycaprolactone, Polylactic Acid, Calcium Hydroxylapatite, Polymethylmethacrylate  etcetera and one of the major component is Hyaluronic Acid.

Treatment in different places:

In the continent of US, these dermal fillers are well approved by the FDA or Food and Drug Administration. It is medically prescribed also. But in the UK and Europe, these are non-prescribed medical devices. Therefore, in the USA these treatments are provided and performed by certified medical health care provider but in the UK, just a license from any medical authority is enough for any individual to perform the job. As a consequence, there are only 6 or 7 types of fillers approved and used in the US where as the UK sees a colossal usage of more than a hundred fillers!

Training courses:

The most effective results depend upon the skill of the treatment provider. This person is the one who plays the crucial role in the whole process of treatment. The nurses who perform this should take proper care and appropriate learning courses. An error by them can lead to a major skin damage of the person taking the fillers.

There are different sorts of treatments of dermal fillers. One can learn all the courses or some of it but efficiency must be improved in order to provide proper treatment to the needy one.

The types include:

  • Filling for plump cheeks,
  • Filling for fuller lips,
  • Filling for removal of wrinkles and age spots,
  • Filling for acne scars,
  • Filling required to remove facial creases,
  • Filling for other spots and scars.
  • Filling for contouring of certain facial areas and the jaw line.

The nurses or the treatment providers should take up courses to improve their skills in these treatments. Various Dermal Filler Courses for Nurses around the world provide great trainings to perform the treatments and they are also offered certificates from recognized and authentic, popular medical organizations.


The training objectives include:

  • Discussing safety and side-effects,
  • Discussion of proper mechanism,
  • Awareness of substances,
  • Awareness for proper fillers in proper skin issues,
  • Discussion of client selection process,
  • Demonstration of proficiency etcetera,
  • Practicing appropriate method or technique to inject etcetera.

With proper training and skilled techniques, one can be treated well using the dermal fillers. There are certain risks of applying fillers to one’s skin but proper care, good lifestyle and checked usage can lead to acquiring the positive results and nurses play a pivotal role in that!