Expose The Truth: Lie Detector Test UK

The world has acknowledged the power of lies, there’s no need explaining that. Families have been uprooted and destroyed, nations have suffered the consequences, and lives have come crumbling down. Until these ages, there had been no device to judge one’s intentions, but now among others there is the trustworthy and affordable polygraph testing service-London Polygraph, Lie Detector Test UK.

Offering to and serving the public with their decades of experience, London Polygraph is known for their top-quality and ethical testing that employs latest techniques and superior  instruments and thereby, promise accuracy of the result.


Proving to be among the most reliable in polygraph testing, London Polygraph is known for using most efficient resources like technologically advanced polygraph,brain-imaging, voice analysis,computerized equipment, the state of the art and sensors. Other components include pneumograph tubes that are attached to specific areas on the body of the examinee, two metal plates on the index and ring finger and a blood pressure cuff. However, the examiners here don’t just base their conclusions upon these results, to secure accuracy they also judge and access the overall emotional state of the examinee throughout the duration of the test, review the questions in detail, and analyze the various features of the case information in detail.

London Polygraph specialize in several fields like robbery, fraud, false claims and accusations, infidelity, legal matters, sexual abuse, pre-employment screening and testing loyalty of staff members. Two locations are offered for the test, the first is the customer’s choice and the second and more appropriate, the offices of London Polygraph, which are present all over UK.


The tests are conducted by qualified and authorized polygraph examiners and experts that pay special emphasis to the requirements of their clients, are committed, discreet, timely and completely ethical in their ways. They provide friendly customer services and have experienced several such cases at personal, commercial and situational levels.

The cost of polygraph testing by London Polygraph varies according to the circumstances, which include complexity of case, number of examinees, amount of examination, location where the test takes place. However, the cost can be significantly cut down if one opts for one of the offices of London Polygraph as the location.The clients of London Polygraph have been government authorities, private companies and individual, belonging to all categories.

The company London Polygraph understands the value of truth. Their great emphasis on its revelation is a promise to its clients of a genuine result.