Futons : The Best Sleeping Partner

Starting with the term, Futon is nothing but the Japanese term used to denote bed. Futon basically implies a type of bed that is made from three things: the mattress, comforter and the pillow. They are the beds that can be folded, packed and transferred easily. Comfortable, movable and portable beds are the best definition of futons. Made from the materials like wool, latex and organic cotton, Futons need more maintenance than regular beds. They require flipping at least once a week. Coming to costs, these futons are cheaper than the conventional bed. They require less space, and are safer.

There are many places where you can find Futons for sale easily. Here we are talking about the good Japanese Futons not the cheap and low quality ones. Japanese futons are the high quality firm mattresses, assembled piece of furniture.

There are various advantages of using a futon in the place of bed. Some of them are mentioned as:

  • They are much safer than beds. On bed, there is a chance of falling off but there is no such issue with futon. Also, jumping on Futon is safer. There are hardly any chance of falling from Futons.


  • Futons are movable. It is very difficult to port a bed from one house to another. You need to call a big truck or carriage and around 2-persons for this job. Whereas in the case of futons, you just need to fold on the mattress, put it inside its cover and carry it on shoulders. They are made of cotton and other light natural things, so are not very heavy. They can be placed at the backseat of your car, and they require negligible space as compared to the queen size beds. So if you are not a stable person and keeps on moving after 2 to 3 months, futons are good companion.
  • Futons are the best options for a temporary bed. They don’t require much fixed space and can be laid anywhere. So if in case any guest arrives, you know how to adjust.
  • Futons allow you to make your room multi functional. Unlike the queen sized beds, futons are movable, dynamic. They require less space and the left over space can be used for so many other activities like yoga, etc. Also, as they are made of cottons, they can be easily sterilized.


  • According to the researches made over the period, a firm bed (not a harder one) is better for our backbone. Firm beds keep your spine bone aligned which helps to prevent backbone pains. And a futon is a type of firm bed only. So we can say that sleeping on a futon is healthy as well.
  • The biggest advantage of futon is its affordability. A good Japanese Futon can cost around $300, whereas if you go for a bed than a average bed will only cost you more than $1000.

Apart from all these advantages of Futons, one of my personal favourite is connection with floor. Sleeping on Futon or sleeping on floor is one and same thing. Sleeping on the floor may not be comfortable for some, but still that touch of cold land is beautiful.