Get Free Pokecoins

Pokémon Go is a very different game and this is one of the main reasons why the game is so popular. While most mobile games need you to sit in one place and play the game for hours, Pokemon Go encourages players to move around. This is a new and fresh approach to gaming which is also very beneficial to users since they learn to move out and interact with people. When played in the right manner, Pokemon go can help you make some new friends, learn new tricks and get healthy. It is always better to search for new tricks that will help you play the game better, however it’s best to stay away from websites that talk about a hack. Websites that talk about unlimited free Pokecoins are the ones that can get your banned by the developers and they can also cause virus and Trojan attacks on your phone.

Pokémon Go created hype even before it launched and now that the game is available on Android and iOS devices, people all over the world have been bitten by the Pokémon bug. It’s a fun game that is highly addictive, and if you’re hooked on to the game you already know how frustrating it is to stay stuck on a level when you’re out of coins. If you thought that there was no option to get these coins rather than buying them from the App store, here is how you can get free Pokecoins and enjoy the game uninterrupted.

Take Over A Gym

If you’re an avid Pokémon go player, you know all about the gym and how you can get it. You need to enter the gym and take it over. The Poke Balls you get here help you get more coins. This is one of the most effective ways to increase your free Pokecoins without spending any money.


You need to understand that the developers do provide you with free Pokecoins at the start of the game, so use them wisely, however if you haven’t, there are ways to get more without spending money.

Defend The Gym

Once you take over the gym, your free Pokecoins will keep on increasing every 21 hours, however this will only last till you have the gym in your control. The minute you lose the gym, you lose the access to free Pokecoins. This is why it is very essential to defend your gym at all times. The longer you have the gym in your control, the more free Pokecoins you will earn. The maximum number of gyms that you can control at any point of time is 10. If you do get 10 gyms under your control, you will earn almost 100 free Pokecoins on a daily basis for as long as you control those gyms. It is essential that you leave your strongest Pokémon’s to safeguard your gym. Protecting each gym is important as they will be attacked sooner rather than later. Coordinating with your squad is also extremely important. You and your team need to ensure that you have each other’s backs when it comes to safeguarding territory. Each of you can take turns taking over a gym and protecting it with all your might. Teamwork and communication is the key in this regards.

Another benefit of having enough Pokecoins is to be able to catch Pikachu. In order to catch Pikachu, you need to have enough Pokecoins and while there is the option of making an in app purchase, it’s always more fun to use free Pokecoins. There are a number of ways you can get free Pokecoins, however you need to figure out which method works best for you. the more you play and the more you explore, you will learn new tips and tricks which will help you to move ahead in the game. It is essential to not give up easily. Since the game is so popular, a large number of people are trying various ways to get more free Pokecoins. You can always check online to see what are the best methods to get free Pokecoins and share your ideas too online.


The game is still new and people are still experimenting with various ways to access free Pokecoins. Hackers too are looking for ways to provide users with unlimited free Pokecoins. However, using the hack is something you should not consider since this could get you banned from the game and you will no longer be able to play it. Hacking will also take away from the actual fun you have in playing and winning these free Pokecoins. While most people use money to purchase only Poke Balls, collecting Pokecoins is not a sin. You can always keep coins handy that will enable you to purchase almost anything at any time.