Getting to Know More about Psychic Reading As a User

To get your first psychic reading, you should first be above 18 years of age. You can contact us giving your email address. Next you have to go through the general conditions and terms of use and accept to our terms. You should have internet access as well as the equipment necessary to connect to the internet such as the computer. free-online-psychic-reading-free-psychic-reading

Psychic Reading as a User

For the first psychic reading you will receive a free reading as a written document. The user will have to install free software to read these files. Any information will be passed through email. The quality of the service will depend on the personal data that should be complete and exact. Usually on sending the request, the user will receive the trial offer for free at the address mentioned by you. You will also get an offer to get chargeable study along with the price. Depending on your need, you can accept the offer or ignore the offer. You will also get reminders about these offers which can be made use of or can be ignored. Along with this you will also get newsletters that are absolutely free on a monthly basis that will give you more information about us. If you are willing to communicate with us, you can make the payment and you will get confirmation messages regarding the products or services ordered

Payment Facilities

Payments can be made online and our banking network is fully secured. You can pay in the currency of the country in which you live. You can also get a refund if the services are not satisfactory. You have to contact us at least within 30 days through the contact page in case of refund. Use the link and write ‘refund request’ and the service or product that you wish to refund. You can also unsubscribe by going to the contact page using the link.