Glitter Tech for RimWorld

No matter what the tasks and resource collection a game requires, we’re sure that players will be up for it and invest their all, well at least for a certain period of time. A time will come when they’ll be bored of certain tasks especially if done over and over again. RimWorld is a game that simulates a survival scenario and it’s the player’s job to manage everything and take care of their colonists. The boring tasks we were talking about can be improved with the help of the best RimWorld Mods. e6c71a9e095c25f8e225c8784ae7417a

Glitter Tech

In the game, Glitter Tech adds a lot of advanced buildings, resources and items alongside the extended gameplay. Take note that this RimWorld Mod does present quite the challenge because it has a difficulty level entirely separate from what the game originally offers. The developers highly recommend those who are interested to start a brand new world in order to enjoy Glitter Tech to the full extent. If the player decides to use any of the games they saved before, then it might present a problem; the new factions and generated resources will likely be lacking.001_mqdefault

The part of RimWorld that mentions ‘glitter worlds’ are where the mod builds itself, these worlds are believed to have advanced and high tech human societies. Glitter Tech grabs a handful of factions from the advanced societies and transfers them to the player’s location. Here are some of the features:

  • Advanced weapons and technology.
  • Better bionic limbs and organs.
  • Enhanced storage and power generators.
  • Advanced research.
  • Blast doors, window and wall lights.
  • Features that allow the camp to produce glitter world medicine alongside regular medicine.
  • Improved medical beds and other furniture.
  • Automatic mortars.
  • Powerful turrets.
  • Advanced resources and recipes and so on.