Gold Fish Cheats Revolving Around The Virtual Cat World

Neko Atsume, a game developed by Hi-point back in October 2014 is quite unique, probably the first virtual cat game ever created. It involves collecting cats virtually and it is advantageous especially to people who don’t want to deal with real life cats because they wont have to either feed them or clean up their litter box. Also, it gives players an opportunity to own as many cats as possible without having to physically take care of them.

The basics of the game are quite simple. First of all, these cats interact with many things as they go ahead and do what they do best in a player’s garden. As a player, all you need to do is buy food for the cats and also find more ways of entertaining them like providing toys or having more equipment like furniture so as to entice them to come to your garden. A cool thing about this game though is that you can watch them play in your area as you take selfies of them.

As a cat owner/player continues to entertain these cats, they show gratitude by giving gifts commonly referred to as “Niboshi”. They include miniature- dried sardines which actually come in two colors, silver and gold. Its detrimental for any player to ensure that cats leave gifts because they are convertible to food which in turn will enable garden extension. An increase in the number of cats is likely to be realized as an end result.

Unlike other games that have winners and losers, this game doesn’t. Most people would think, “Is it really challenging if there are no winners and losers?” The fact is, it’s really challenging because in order to encourage cats to come to your garden, one needs to have food or any other items that might interest them.
In order to enjoy this game fully, some strategies will come in handy. They include:

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a) Any player should be creative. He/she should decorate and arrange furniture in a way that will arouse the cat’s interest.

b) The only way to make the cats stay is by ensuring that the furniture that one has is of good quality. Good quality enhances comfort.

c) Food is very key in this game. As a player, don’t just buy any ordinary food but invest more in buying really good food. This is what will bring even rare cats to your garden

d) Lastly, a player should be very keen in terms of what they place in the garden. There’s a total of 49 cats in the garden, 17 of them being rare. Once you put any item that draws the attention of rare cats to your garden, make sure that you purchase more of those items.

The neko atsume cheats rare cats goldfish guide shows that one can actually get some Gold fish by means of trade. There’s a feature in the settings bar called Gold fish exchange where one can exchange 10 gold fish for 500 silver fishes. Any player would see this as costly but they are actually low in price.