Grand Theft Auto And Its Differences And Similarities To Far Cry 4!

The well-known and most talked about game, Grand theft auto is an action-adventure favorite among many a gamers. It is an open source game which means that the player determines their own track, roaming around as they please and the game does not follow a structured set of levels. The player chooses the missions he/she wants to undertake and the game adapts to the player’s decisions.


Grand Theft Auto is a well received game due to its immensely complex nature allowing users to live in a parallel world. The GTA series has 10 titles, each being compatible with different operating systems and having a unique story line. The player plays the role of a criminal and attempts to rise through the ranks of the criminal underworld space. At every level their motivation to do so is different. This game is meant for adults as it contains a considerable amount of violence, torture, sex and nudity.


Known to be extremely addictive, it is one of Britain’s biggest exports. One of the main competitors of GTA is Far Cry 4 which is again an open source action-adventure game. The storyline based in a fictional place called Kyrat and shows a character Ajay Ghale setting out to scatter his mother’s ashes in a place called Lakshmana. This game was not controversial as GTA. In addition to the usual features, Far Cry 4 has multiplayer cooperative and asymmetrical competitive modes. Although some versions of GTA had multiplayer options, these were limited in their usage. In Far Cry 4, the player is no criminal and is not closely associated to the criminal world; however they are free to use their weapons to harm humans. Though the main idea of this story is for good to triumph over evil as opposed to GTA that sticks to anti-social behavior. Far Cry 4 comes second after GTA in terms of sales making the two the most well received games.

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