Guide to Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go refers to digital game that has virtual augmented location and is a no cost gaming application that is developed by the famous company Nintendo. The app was at start launched in July of 2016 majorly for the Android and iOS devices in notable nations like Australia and US closely followed by the rest of European and Asian countries.pokemon go g

The gaming app lets players to control, fight and train to battle virtual Pokémons in the reel world. It uses the camera and GPS systems of the devices compatible with it. Though the gaming app is supposedly free it makes use of the in app costs of the extra game play matters. The Pokémon Go + with a Bluetooth portable device is slated for release sometime soon with an additional feature to make the players aware of Pokémon in the close vicinity.pokemon go game

Though enjoying pretty good success, Pokémon Go experienced too critical reviews too. Nintendo got a book in this game as it became the maximum downloaded Android app within five days of its launch in the US.

After signing up in the game, every player has to create his or her own avatar. Each player can customize the avatar the way the player chooses. They can select from a wide range of outfits and style up their avatars the way they want. After it is developed, it is shown at the present location of the player that also has a small map having the surroundings, the most notable ones of which include Pokémon gyms and stops. All these are generally situated at public meeting places like worship places and generic attractions.

Well, like the earlier versions of the game, players in this game do not fight the Pokémon to defeat them and capture them. Here the game depends on throwing the Pokéball at the right place with the exact force to capture a Pokémon successfully. You can find information on how to play the game in the Pokemon go guide.