Home remedies to remove dark spots

Dark spots are the dark patches that can be seen on face that may cover parts of faces and shaken by the self confidence of person because it is very detrimental to the looks of a person. These dark spots are experience mostly by women because they are much prone to such black marks. Possible reasons for black marks could be over exposing the skin to the sun, pregnancy, hormonal imbalance in the body, certain medications and deficiency of vitamin in the body. Lack of adequate sleep and too much of depression and stress can also be the reason of getting dark spots. how-to-get-rid-of-dark-spots

There have been many creams in the markets as the dark spots remover, but majority of them fail to live up to their claims and the customers end up scratching their heads over which product or remedy to go for. It is also a fact that these dark spots can subside after a period of time which means that even without using any cream one can get rid of dark spots by proper eating lifestyle and vitamin intake. So here are some home remedies which you can take along with proper diet:

  1. Lemons- lemons are good source of citric acids and they have a lot of potential of overcoming the dark spots in the body. They have the vitamin C ingredient in them which can lighten up your skin within the shortest time. What you have to do is to squeeze the juice out of your lemon on some cotton ball and rub the cotton on the affected areas which would relive the skin of dark patches. So using lemon juice on the dark spots can be a very beneficial remedy.
  2. Potato- potatoes have this unique feature of natural beaching properties that help in fading away the black spots because the natural starch element in potato helps the body in reducing the pigmentation in the body, and the enzymes present in the body help in giving a healthy skin. All you have to do is to cut a potato in pieces and apply or place it over the affected areas for some time and wash away after minutes. Do this for 2 weeks continuously and see the results.garnier-skin-renew-dark-spot-overnight-peel-2
  3. Buttermilk- buttermilk is another great solution that would help the body in overcoming the dark spots. It is rich in vitamin C which would reduce the skin pigmentation and give you a great skin complexion. It has the properties of lactic acid that would give the easy skin complexion to the user. Take two spoons of buttermilk and mix it well with two spoons of tomato juice and apply the solution to the dark spots. Both these ingredients have natural healing properties.
  4. Aloe Vera- you can also use aloe vera to help eradicate the dark spots on skin. Take some aloe vera and apply it on skin for couple of minutes and wash. This would help the skin in rejuvenating the glow and reduce the pigmentation.