How Neopets Is Welcome In The Online Gaming World

Neopets was introduced in the year 1999 and has been in use till date. This infamous game is about a virtual world of Neopets, in which the purpose of the game is to take care of the pets and feed them properly. It is important that the pets should not fall sick as it will result in a decrease in Neopoints. Neopets is one of the most entertaining sites online and attracts children with its user-friendly interface and engaging games. Moreover, if you are not willing to pay money to buy Neopoints, you can also use the Neopets Dailies page where you can earn the Neopints by means of freebies or chance events.n

Figurative Records of Neopets


During the year 2001, a press release stated that in the months of May and June, the average time a user spent on the site was about 117 minutes per minute and declared that it was one of the stickiest sites for children. Similarly in 2004, an article reported that around 3 hours a month was being spent on this site by people, which was much more than the time they spend on any sites. In 2005, it was stated that the site had 4 billion visitors, 11 million unique IPs and 35 million unique users per month. The producer further stated that of the users, 80% were in the age of 14 while the remaining 20% were 18 years or older.


It’s all about Neopets

Keeping your pet healthy and well-fed is the ultimate purpose of the game. Along the way, you can also battle using your Neopets in the Battledon and spend time earning points at the Neopets Dailies. One major advantage of using this game is that your Neopet will not die even during the battle.