League Of Legends-The Ultimate Battle Arena

Gaming is a passion nurtured by millions of gamers worldwide. The virtual world of gaming has entranced many alike and it has also given a boost to the development of many new games. Various genres like strategy, arcade, action, adventure, shooting, racing, etc. have been developed and they have gained immense popularity over the years. One such game happens to be League of Legends also called as LoL which is a multiplayer online game published by Riot Games. It involves fighting in a battle field and offers intense action to the players.

LOL consists of 3 game modes, Summoner’s Rift, Twisted Treeline and Howling Abyss. Players are pitted against each other through matches which last from 20 to 60 minutes. The game is basically all about teamwork and each team is required to achieve victory by either causing the destruction of a central objective named the Nexus or keep strategic locations under siege for a long period of time. Players assume the roles of champions and each champion possesses a unique skill set.


Starting off at the lowest level, the champion conquers every obstacle, gains victory in every match to ultimately reach the highest level. Advancing through various levels gives the players the opportunity to unravel various special abilities specific to their champions. This game also stresses on passive attacks and gives the players ample opportunity to gain gold by killing monsters and minions and ultimately annihilating enemy structures. Rewards are a part and parcel of this game and the presence of maps, runes and mysteries make this game irresistible.

LoL released to a good opening and became the center of gaming attraction in the US and Europe. As many as 67 million people became LoL players and this staggering number only kept increasing day by day. This prompted Riot Games to organize League Championship Series which accepts 10 professional teams from every continent. The competition is stiff and is taken very seriously since the prize money is a jaw-dropping amount of 2.3 million dollars, apart from prestigious trophies. Needless to say, this game itself has gone to win many accolades and has received worldwide appreciation and love.


One can buy LoL account online from many websites. This enables one to connect with players across the globe! These accounts are delivered in no time and they come with a lifetime guarantee. There are also coupons available which provide attractive discounts, best suited for hardcore gamers. Additionally, one can also obtain LoL skins at subsidized rates and read unranked smurfs reviews. These reviews give a clear picture about customer satisfaction, thus instilling the confidence in the gamer to go ahead and purchase the account.

Gaming is not just a hobby for gamers, it is a way of life. And with masterpiece games like the League of Legends, it becomes very easy to see oneself get transported to a different world. Everyone knows that a game is more than just good, when the line between real and virtual begins to blur and this is exactly why Lol stands out among the crowd. Don’t you agree with me?