Med Events 2016

#1. 13th China International Machine Tool & Tools Exhibition (CIMES 2016)


This is an engineering event that happens in Beijing to discuss about the latest medical improvements. It is an expedition where various products are displayed so that people could see and discuss as well ask each other questions about what is happening. This is a global event where people from across the world can attend.

#2. Urban Transitions 2016: Towards a better urban future in an interconnected age


Taking place 5th to 9th September, this event tries to look at the Urban change in relation to technology and health. It is attended by engineers, science gurus, medical professionals and town planners to ensure that you have everything updated. This is a place where you can see the changing world revealed to you. Many of the diseases people acquire are due to lifestyle changes, some and get the awareness of all these things.

#3. 1st International Conference on Food Bioactives & Health


Happening in Norwich United Kingdom. From 13th September, this is an event that you should not afford to miss. Know the kind of food improvements that devastate your health with time. Everything is done evidence based and you have the privilege of getting to understand what is bad to your health and what is good. Learn how to control hypertension, diabetes or any other condition through the food that you eat. This is a very promising event that people of all caliber should attend.