Moviesstarplanet – Ride On The Rails Of The Adventure And Entertainment

Sitting in your comfort chair in some lazy afternoons, you often think of ways to kill the time. Several ideas knock the doors of your brain but nothing convinces you as they are all explored and now are boring. You miss some excitement, you miss the thrill and these lazy afternoons turn out into mind-numbing and killing. Well, to save you from dying of boredom and to again add excitement to your life MovieStarPlanet is in the market. This gaming app alone can be the solution for all your ennui problems.

Yeah, you heard it all right. This new adventure is offered to you by the Denmark based gaming company MovieStarPlanet Aps. This wonderful game is taking over the market with its amazing features and extraordinary concept. You can later thank these awesome game developer guys for bringing to you this phenomenal pastime which definitely can change your perception for looking at the lazy afternoons. With MoviesStarPlanet at your doorsteps you are allowed to feel anything but bored.


This excellent game brings entertainment at your steps allowing you to explore the adventurous you. All you need to do is to create an avatar and jump into a fabulous world awaiting you. This is a fancy world where fun is waiting for you, just loose yourself free and enjoy the fantastic features this game offers you. Here you can enjoy a freedom of becoming whoever you want to be, you can design costumes for your avatar and also can create amazing art.

You can be famous and rich and also make a lot of friends using MovieStarPlanet. Advanced on the grounds of creating an interactive social network and entertainment for the tweens, this game is beyond awesome. You are allowed to go crazy, create your own movies and stay close to your friends and even make new friends. You can chat with your friends using the special chat rooms which are being provided to you and also you can enjoy sending messages, mails to your fellows. This amazing game is all reasons for losing the sanity.

Launched in 2009, this online movie-themed game is changing definitions of the online gaming. The game is developed targeting the tweens; a popular term for the kids of age group in between 8-15 years. It has clearly become an addiction with more than 200 million registered users. On MovieStarPlanet users are free to communicate and connect in a friendly manner. The registered players can share their movies, avatars and creations with the outside world. Players can even review and rate the shared content. The lucrative of the game is the diamond and the star-coins, which are rewarded to the players for their different achievements and activities. The more you will explore the more you will be awarded with these fancy currencies. The player with the high currency can enjoy the newer star levels and further rise to the stardom.


MovieStarPlanet is the fastest growing online game with a huge fan base. It is currently available in 11 different languages and is adopted in 16 countries. With a large user base the game is all set to break all the existing online gaming records. This 33M sized game requires a 23.3 and up android platform to function. Keeping the safety aspects in the mind the app is developed ensuring the full safety of the tweens using it. Parents can fully trust their kids with the MovieStarPlanet. With the improved 17th version currently available in the market, there is more and more we want to see in this game. Creators must be excited from the big hit MovieStarPlanet has proved in the commerce and are sure working on the developments. We are equally excited for the new addition.

One thing is certain that this game can surely prove to be your escape form the monotony. Download today and say goodbye to all those boring afternoons which make you remember the old nursery rhyme “All work and no play, make John a dull boy”. Keep feeling awesome with the amazing and ultra-crazy technology at your fingertips. Get drenched in the fun colors of MovieStarPLanet. Wait no other second, Start today!