Netmaid Singapore: All About The Site

If you are a Sri Lankan who has already settled in Singapore, one of the things that you may consider doing is getting a household help that’s willing to do small chores in your house for a negotiable payment. The difficulty of getting a helper depends on a lot factors, and one of those is your connections with other people. If you don’t know many fellow Sri Lankans, however, one of the best ways for you to get a srilankan maid best for your household is to hire through an agency, and one of the sites that bring you to a maid agency is netmaid Singapore.

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What is NetMaid Singapore?

It’s not an agency, as a lot initially believe. Rather, NetMaid Singapore is a place which serves as an online hub for all of the maid Agencies that can be found in Singapore. Its interface is made especially for the individual agencies in order for them to manage the bio-data of the maids that they hire.

How they make the task Easier

It makes the task easier for both the client and the maids. On the part of the client, the interface is designed in an intuitive manner, where you can search for maids according, primarily to their nationality, as well as level of experience. The site offers maids coming from the Philippines, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, and Indonesia. You can also search for maids based on being Ex-Singaporeans, or if they are experienced. It also features a “Featured Maids” section, where the best in terms of credentials and reviews are shown. On the side of the maids, the site also puts up images of the maids, as well as a brief maid profile. Nannies for mom and child care can also be found on the site. This hub allows for faster exchange between agencies and clients, thus helping maids find jobs much faster than they would with agents alone.