On Page Strategies To Rank Your Site Easier By Seo Services Toronto

Internet has become soul part of everyday life. People can’t live without internet; Everyday more than 80% growth can be seen in internet users. Apart from these growths in Internet users, Unemployment has also increased.

Geo targeted keywords with city name will help you to get visitors from local area. This technique is useful only when you have some offline stuff and you offer those services through online order.

If you are starter then your first step towards SEO starts from submission of your sitemap. Yes, firstly you’ve to sign up for Google Analytics then Google Webmasters tools and finally submit your sitemap to Google. Submission of sitemap tells about your posts and pages to search engine; it’ll be easier to crawl your site by Google bots. I’ve written many posts regarding tips to make money online, but never discussed SEO tips to make money online so here is my first post that contains SEO tips to make money online. Hope, It’ll be worth reading.


  1. Content

High quality content reduces bounce rate so highly stick to it. People search internet for good information. Use keywords 2% – 3% of complete length of your content. You can insert affiliate link in the content where it is necessary otherwise leave it.

  1. SEO should be Technically Strong

Seo services Toronto will show your effort will go down when your SEO is not technically strong. If you really want to make money online then you should be technically strong in SEO. You can make your SEO technically strong by making following things updated on your website/blog:

Check broken links, internally link your all web pages or contents. Don’t use too many images in your content if it is not required

Always use image in your content, it helps to engage your visitors and reduce bounce rate. It’s my personal experience, I got search engine ranking when bounce rate of my site has been reduced. If possible, you can use videos in your content to make more interactive. Always use images relevant to the topic. Don’t forget to add ALT tags to images used for the content; it helps to index your image in Google Image Search.

  1. On Page SEO

After Keyword rich content and Image Research, it’s time to work on On-Page SEO. On Page SEO leads you to get good search engine ranking. Here are following tips to On Page optimization that I use to reveal search engine ranking:


(a)Header Tags

Use your keyword in <h1>, <h2> and <h3> header tags. Give more preference to <h1> (i.e., header 1) tags, put your main keyword in it. <h1> tags significantly help to increase your page rank.

Put your next significant keyword in <h2> (i.e., header 2) tags then least significant keyword in <h3> (i.e., header 3) tags. All the header tags should be in a proper manner.

(b)Meta Keyword Tags

Google does not pay its attention to Meta keyword tags. It allows you to target more keywords for search engine.

(c)Meta Description

Meta description increases your credibility of clicks in search engine. Fill your Meta description and use your main keywords in it that makes your website more appealing.