Philosophy – Desire For Truth

What is the first thought after hearing the word ‘philosophy’. Some might engulf it as an art, someone highlight it as the way one lives, some even think of it as a أدب review of how we should lead our lives meaningfully and purposefully according to some great thinkers and philosophers. In Greek, Philo means love – or devotion – and Sophia means wisdom. Philosophy is the study of ideas about knowledge, truth, the nature and meaning of life. Ones philosophy of life explains his/her way of living. How we think and act is what constitutes of our knowledge. Knowledge can be transferred through communication onto one another but can’t be forced and imposed onto others. Some people who impart their knowledge and give advices are thinkers of higher level and can be referred to as philosophers sometimes.eu9aralj Who are philosophers? A philosopher is someone who preeches philosophy , which involves thinking rationaly,  inquiry into areas that are outside of any scientific explanations of science. Philosophers are people devoted to wisdom.

Some experiences and instances can not be exemplified using tools derived from science yet there discussion and exploration is necessary. Philosophy comes into play when some issues involves explanation which may require a rational and logical touch to it.featured-poem-book

Philosophy is an activity – A quest for wisdom. In terms of education it is widely accepted and introduced as a curriculum in many countries. It involves the use of reason and argument to search for the truth. The main aim is the attainment of truth. We homosapiens are curious by nature and this seed of curiosity lays foundation for a forest like quest which needs answers, if watered and harvested in a proper way. We all tend to think profoundly for the ideas, feelings and issues which seem to be familiar or affecting us. Philosophy can be defined as fundamental and rational thinking and developing ideologies in order to live a healthy and content life. Ideologies may differ from person to person and so does their thinking process which brings out people with same philosophical ideas together. It is not a hard and fast rule teaching one how to live. It is no shortcut which secures our path for a rose like life. Instead it is a subject which takes into account all the theoretical, scientific and artful methods involving ethical and literature overview to develop certain ideologies.  It also provides a good way of learning to think more clearly about a wide range of issues, thinking rationally and indulging into it.

These days contentment is hard to attain and happiness is something that is not achieved easily by a single mean. Instead we people have attached the concept of being ‘happy’  with many other constraints. A smooth financial track, a shoulder to lean on in time of joy and even in self loathing, a successful career, a shelter under one’s head, food to eat and little luxury to enjoy is a definition of a normal and happy life for most people. The philosophy of life can be altered, it may involve all these things but the contentment and satisfaction of mind and body is the key to a positive lifestyle.