Play The Free Games At Unblocked Games 500

Unblocked Games 500 is a website hosted on Weebly and it’s teeming with all sorts of fun games for everyone. Unlike the games that we typically download on our devices, these games won’t ask for payment or require the player to share on their social media accounts; just play to your heart’s content and close the browser when you’re done. At first glance, you’ll immediately notice a couple of ads on the page but don’t be too bothered by it; these ads are the reason why the games and the website is available for free, just don’t forget to enable the Adobe Flash Player.


All We Need is Brain

In this zombie infested world, the player has to lure zombies into their demise. Brains acts as baits to get them to come out from the graves and into a trap. Every level has a limited number of brain supply and the obstacles become more and more challenging; maybe that’s why they added a walkthrough page located in the bottom left side of the game’s window. Whenever new items or challenges are introduced, a short guide is provided for the player up to the time that they’re familiar with everything.

Feed Us 3

Before anything else, if you’re sensitive to blood and gore then this is a game that you should definitely avoid. In Feed Us 3, you’ll be in control of a piranha as you go through underwater labyrinths in achieving the goal set out for the level you’re in. Apart from sinking boats and biting flesh off people, you have to swim away from sharks, jellyfish and eels that will harm your avatar. Also take note of the time limit set out and find treasure chests to add a few seconds more. After the game, trade in the collected blood for cool upgrades.