Pokemon Map to Help Make Your Gameplay Easier!

Are you a huge fan of Pokemon? You’ve probably been playing it since it’s started in the 90s. Starting out as a simple game found in the Gameboy, it has started to expand until it became one of the most popular games Nintendo has ever produces, with millions of people playing it as of the recent years. From Nintendo DS, phone emulators, GameCubes and more, you can see the evolution Pokemon has experienced throughout the years. With technology advancing and with the help of many smartphone features, you can now rejoice as developers have created a new app called Pokemon Go!maxresdefault What is Pokemon Go?

Are you a true fan of Pokemon? Have you ever dreamt of becoming a Pokemon trainer yourself, going around various places and “catching them all”? With Pokemon Go, you can now do all that and more! An app available in all smartphones, Pokemon Go has you walking around your local areas in search for legendary Pokemon. Capture your favorites and level up, joining gyms, battling players, and even creating your own gym! Rest at Pokestops, explore the places around you, and interact with other Pokemon trainers through the app! Not only is it entertaining, but it’s great exercise as you experience what it’s like to be a true Pokemon trainer traveling around various places in town.pikachu_pokemon_go.0

Another cool thing about Pokemon Go is that through GPS technology and high graphics, you are able to capture Pokemon as if they were right in front of you! You get to see the different places around you that have gyms and Pokestops where you can battle or rest. Not only that, but you will also be able to see the different Pokemon around you and see if you’d like to capture them or not!

About the Pokemon Map

The Pokemon Map is what will help you capture Pokemon, find Pokestops and different gyms. It is actually one of the main features of the game. After registering, you are prompted into a map of your area, where you can find the different Pokemon around you to start off. It will also help you explore and find everything you need. Through GPS technology, they are able to track your steps and where you are going, as well as identifying the different places where there are lures and other legendary Pokemon to capture!

But the problem is that the Pokemon map only caters to close ranges. What if you want to check out what’s beyond the vicinity? That is where different Pokemon Go maps come along, with them being able to show you the various available places you can visit in order to battle, capture, or rest up! It’s very beneficial, especially for those who love to go around other places for Pokemon Go.

You can download these apps in your smartphone, where you can start exploring far and wide, tracking where you are going and all the Pokemon you are able to capture in various places.