Posture Corrector And Semi-Supine Position

Most of us are engrossed with the idea that posture corrector alone can correct our posture and make us look fit and fervid without any additional workout. Much to our disappointment, is is not entirely true. A Posture corrector only helps in adjusting the posture, but to look good one should also increase the muscle strength to realign the poor posture. Alexander technique, on the other hand, has a different approach to strengthening the muscle. It says that by relaxing your body in a specific position for at least 20 minutes in a day will help you enhance the posture with a 10 times more effective acceleration.  What exactly is this position and how will it affect your body? A Semi-supine position is a posture exercise that doesn’t involve any kind of weight lifting, cardio or making weird positions with your body.


As we all know that exercise is a must to maintain adequate metabolism and for a generic body. But before proceeding, it is recommended to consult a doctor, just in case you don’t have any bone related and muscle related allergies like RH factor. The Semi- supine position is associated to a larger extent with the prominent Alexander technique and therefore is focused on releasing the muscle stress and tension from the body. If you start describing the position, it looks like lying down on the back with your hands on the navel, some books under your head as a support and your knees bent. A number of books can be changed based on the height and also the posture. It’s good if you acquire a guide who is equipped with the knowledge of Alexander technique. In case, if you’re doing on your own, here is a step by step process for a regal semi-supine position:

  • Put yourself against a wall or a door with your back attached to it. Don’t make an erect position. Just stand normally with your shoulders and buttocks slightly touching the surface.
  • Ask someone to measure the distance between your head and the surfaces. This surface determines the number of books you should be placing underneath your head.


  • Now, find a comfortable floor (carpeted) to lie down. Keeping your spine up, put a leg forward and kneel on the knee. Place the books to your left/right. Place both hands on the floor and take one knee and put it in the gap to roll onto the back by putting your head right on the books.
  • Bring the knees up and make them face the ceiling and move your feet close to the pelvis while you’re still comfortable.
  • After lying for like 15-20 mins, roll your body off the way you have done it before and go back to the position where you are facing down the floor with the support of a leg and a hand. Rise up and place a leg in front of the other and take your head forward. While you’re still leaning, move up and get into the standard position.