Rugby Betting And More On Fun555

Rugby is one sport which originated in the United Kingdom sometime in the 19th Century. Since then on, the game has been developed throughout the decades, and has now went on to become one of the most popular sport not just in the United Kingdom, but in other countries as well. This particular sport stands out from others simply because it does not make use of the typical ball we are all too familiar with. Rugby, which is popular on fun555, makes use of a diamond-shaped ball which makes it much easier for players to pass it to each other. Players on field might get confused when it comes to the balls involved, but with Rugby, that definitely is not the case.

In Thailand, the game is one which is pretty much well-received, and due to its popularity, casinos, such as fun788 has begun putting the said sport in their roster of betting as well. There are several types of betting one could choose from, and this includes Prop Bets/Specials, Over and Under Bets, Futures and Outright Bets, and Fixed-odds Betting. Whichever the method of betting one would want to avail of, fun788 is pretty much capable of handling so.

Fun555: Rugby and More

Fun788 is also inclusive of not just ways and means for you to bet, but also more on rugby, including news and many other stories. The site features news about the different teams and their progress from within the game, as this is the most important gauge which a lot people use in order for them to properly cast their bets.


Also, for those who are fans of the sport but are not into betting, Fun555 is also a place where you could find the answers to the various inquiries that you may have regarding sports and everything about Rugby.

Fun788 is part of a huge chain of gambling sites, which are all catered towards the people of Thailand, given that their domain and website is written primarily in Thai. It is also age-restricted, and only people of ages 18 and over would be allowed to enter the site. It also offers payment transactions through credit card, among others.


One of the most popular event which rugby fans look forward to is the Rugby World Cup which happens on a regularly, specifically every four years, held first in Australia in 1987, and is played by the Top 20 teams from all over the world.

Countries with Rugby Teams

While Thailand is one of the top fans of Rugby if you look at Asia, Rugby is a sport which is large in other countries as well, in a sense that they have their own fair share of teams. Apart from the United Kingdom, countries where there are well-established and popular teams for Rugby would include New Zealand, Australia, France, the Pacific Islands, specifically Tonga, Fiji, and Samoa.

Over-all, betting through fun788 yet is still another effective means for you to be more engaged in Rugby.