Should I Take A Payday Loan?

Having some trouble in your life that you are unable to keep up? Many a times we need some extra money at the end of the month due to some extra expenditure during the month or due to some emergency. What if we can’t rely on any of our acquaintances and friends? What do we do then? Applying in the bank for a loan is not an option as it will take too long to process. So what do we do?

Well we have an option for you and they are called payday loans. It’s called payday loan because you can payback when you get your next payday but many of you haven’t heard payday loans right? You’ll must be wondering why are payday loans. Well payday loans are hassle free loans where you will get your loan within a day of applying for the loan. Though the rates of interest are pretty high but it is a hassle free process as they don’t require much paperwork. You must be wondering if payday loans are a viable option so let’s tell you about them.



Payday loans are processed almost instantly so this is a very good option if you are in an urgent situation. They hardly require any paperwork, just some employment details and some address details. They don’t even care to check your credit score unlike banks who always look up your past lending to see your personal record when it comes to loans. Once you build a healthy relationship with your lender then you can increase the amounts of your future loans.

In a payday loan you will have to provide the lender with a post dated check which the lender will cash in on the decided date to get his money back. This check will include the lent money and the interest that needs to be paid.

If the check bounces then the debtor has to pay more fines on top of the interest. As it is the interest are as high as 30% – $40% and then fines on top of that amount to a huge sum. This plays to the needs of the people and then later extracts large sum of money from them and sometimes the lenders also use unethical means to get the money out the debtors by sending people to their homes and office. Due to fines and high interest rates the money that is to be returned rises to as much as 5 times the lent money.

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