Show Box App

It must be pretty tough on some people now that the largest torrent website in the world is down, with its owners captured. You must be wondering where to get your high quality latest shows from? Even though there are many torrent websites but they are not as good as Kick Ass Torrents and everyone is not happy with the quality on the other websites. There are also rumours that there are certain proxy links on the internet that redirect to kick ass torrents but these links are constantly being tracked and taken down. So how do the general public who have relatively less idea about the world of computers and streaming watch their favourite shows, free of cost? Well this app has emerged which was first developed just for android but now is available for the PC too. It’s called ShowBox and previously while you had to look for links and websites to stream your various shows live for free, now you can just download this app and watch all your favourite shows and celebrities. All you need is a stable and fast internet connection. Unlike Netflix you don’t have to pay for it and its very easy to use too.


The ShowBox app is not available on the play store for obvious reasons, as it streams shows and movie from unauthorized sources and is therefore liable for theft of property but don’t be concerned because you won’t be framed for anything. You can download the app from the original website or a website which provides original apks of different apps like but when we try to download the app many of us will come across an unwanted hurdle. Your app won’t be able to download as you can download apps only from the play store so all you have to do is that, go to settings and then security and then un-select the option which stops you from downloading data from unknown sources. After this you are good to go and if you try downloading it now, it will be a success. Once the download is complete you can click on it and install it. Installing it is easy and doesn’t take any time. We have basically given you all the instructions to download it and I think you should download it as soon as possible and enjoy it.


This app is perfect for people who don’t find it cost effective to go to the theatres to watch not so good movies for $10. The ShowBox app has a high range of TV shows and Movies in high quality. If you don’t like downloading movies to your device and just want to watch it online then this app is perfect for you but there also an option to download if you want to. If your show is in the category of this app then you’ll never have to miss even one of your favourite shows ever again.

Always remember that prefer downloading the app from a proper source that I have mentioned and choose the version that suits your device the best or else there is a high probability that it won’t work and if you are using the app on android then always prefer using the latest version or else you’ll always get too many pop-up windows. If your app force stops or says that it stopped working due to some error then go to the settings and then apps. Click on the ShowBox app, and force stop it. Then delete its cache and try starting it again. I think the app will work completely fine now.


You must be wondering that if it is legal to use ShowBox or not, well it is not. It is completely illegal but you don’t need to be concerned as even torrents are illegal but people are still using it right without any problem, isn’t it? Many people around the world are using it and how many people will they track down? ShowBox uses Russian servers and Russians are the kings of counterfeit and piracy. That’s why many times you will be seeing that the app has stopped working but comes back in some time and that’s because the app was switching between servers, to avoid getting tracked. Wicked right? Well that’s all you need to know about this app, enjoy!