Simply Racks Cantilever Products

Simply Racks is a company that provides a wide array of new as well as used material handling products and equipment like shelving, lockers, cantilevers, conveyors, racking and mezzanines. The main goal of their company is to offer customers quality and durable products at highly competitive prices alongside amazing customer service; they strive to give what customers want, went they want them and at considerable prices. The people behind Simply Racks believe that the entire company prioritizes constant improvement, trust and commitment. Out of all the products, we’ll concentrate on Simply Racks cantilever.



Considered as an excellent storage for items that are non-palletized to keep them dry and safe. A wide variety of items could be stored from tubing, furniture, lumber, steel bars, pipes as well as other long and heavy products. Cantilever racking is basically a freestanding system with carrying arms placed horizontally extending from one vertical column. Because of the fact that there are no front columns, items are quickly and easily taken and placed on the cantilever racks. Hence, the expense and time for the entire handling process is considerably lower. At Simply Rack, cantilever racks are available at structural steel and roll form; the form depends on the overall load requirement.


Rivet, bulk and boltless shelving are great alternatives or substitute to pallet racking. These are low cost storage methods for numerous products which are generally handled by hand instead of being carried on pallets; storage surfaces come in wire decking and particle board. When compared to the traditional steel shelving, the bulk shelving could facilitate around twice the capacity. Meanwhile, compression clips makes use of clip-type shelving instead of nuts and bolts; this allows for quick and flexible process in shelf arrangements and locations. Compression clips are quite ideal for packaged or bulky products.