Spy On A Smartphone Or Computer In A Smarter Way

Very often, we end up needing to spy on our beloved gadgets. Maybe the ownership does not belong to us directly, but someone that’s our inferior or a family. Say for example, you would not want your 10 year’s old to spoil themselves over adult websites, or maybe an employee to kill all their time in internet while the customers don’t get proper service. Well, maybe this trust issue could be settled in other more humane ways, but in the meantime a proper software can do the job for an inexpensive price tag. SpyApp brings the opportunity to effectively spy on one’s computer or smartphone without letting them know.


One of the Best Spy Programs

Apparently, the Spy App program is one of the best in the market. There are other powerful contenders when it comes to the competition, but Spy App offers different options at different pricing. If you are familiar with mSpy, then the pricing of Spy App would seem familiar as they are basically from the same developers. Starting from $19.99/month for the family kit, the pricing would all the way up to $69.99/month for the Premium version of Spy App.

Compatibility of Spy App

Spy App covers pretty much all popular cellphone and computer platforms. For smartphones, both Android and iOS are covered. On the other hand, both Microsoft Windows and Mac platforms are covered for computers. All latest versions of iOS are supported, however the jailbroken iPhones and iPads would get more functionality. For the other three platforms, the provided functionality doesn’t change much.


Apart from plenty of features, the basic ones of Spy App are –

  • Track All Messaging: Not only the native text messaging apps, but one gets to spy on other IM apps as well. The list includes WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, Tango, Line, Imo and any other popular IM apps.


  • GPS: To track the whereabouts of a smartphone and its bearer, the GPS spying feature would come useful. Also, one could track the whereabouts of their vehicles by putting a smartphone inside a vehicle while keep Spy App running in the background.
  • Geo-Fencing: A specific geo-fence could be put up and once the smartphone or computer goes beyond the fenced point, they would not work anymore.


These are only a few basic features, there’s a lot more to the Spy App feature list. If you are thinking about spying apps for your devices, Spy App could be your pick.