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New York City is the number one fashion city on the planet. The Fashion Week in New York City is the occasion that telecasts innovative style to the rest of the world. It’s the show where thoughts are showcased, creativity is praised, and standards are tested. Fashion Week in New York City catches the imagination of the world of fashion and highlights the talent on display. Get all the information about this fashion week at The fashion week also is a major contributor towards the fashion tourism of the city. The fashion fiesta plays a major role in the growing economy of New York City.1476986711236997020

The fashion week in New York is a big deal. A number of known fashion designers fly to the city to showcase their collection here and there’s a lot of hustle and bustle in the city during this time. Fashion has a huge impact on tourism in NYC and the entire pattern of tourism changes during this time. While the usual cultural tourism still continues, the city gets a lot of visitors who come here specifically for the fashion week. The demand for customized tourism packages that revolve around the fashion week increases.  bold-clothing-symbol-set-eps-vector_csp7398368

Most tourists prefer to be put up at hotels that are in close proximity to the venue of the fashion shows. There’s also a huge demand for the tickets and entries into the trunk shows where these tourists can get their hands on some of the best designer pieces before it hits the stores. The fashion week plays a huge role in the economy of this city and the government reaps a lot of benefits from these tourists who are willing to shell out a lot of money to visit during this time.