Team Building Events, To Do Or Not To Do

Team building activity and excursions can increase the employee’s performance, enhance employee job satisfaction, promote cooperation among team members and help broaden the understanding of corporate goals and objectives.  A team that works together is more productive, more effective and more successful. The tricky part is developing those bonds, especially when the team building activities tend to induce eye rolls among team mates than high fives.

The Dos During Team Building Activities

  • You should connect the team building activity with the day to day challenges the employees encounter. The event should serve as a microcosm for challenges and solutions which your employees face. It is important that you define the obstacles first.
  • Make sure you follow up on the lesson learned. It is true that not all facilitations and team building activities , lead to successful results. There should always be a follow up session scheduled so that you measure and stress the team’s progress. In most cases, teams building activities are administered as a single dose to cure all, yet they are supposed to serve as a door to a continued drive leading to success. In order to quantify this success you are supposed to choose objective performance statistics to compare against historical data.


  • You should consider hiring a professional to draft and administer your team building activities. Depending on the time and cost constraints, and how complex the activities you are planning to undertake are, you can outsource the process. This professional can help in identifying what messages you would like to push through your sessions, implement feedback, facilitate the event, and measure components afterwards. It is a worthwhile consideration.

The Dont’s During Team Building Activities

  • Don’t create an event which is too physically demanding for any team members. The physical endurance, dexterity, or strengths are not employee success factors on your team. Physical fitness and ability should be typically not play a major role in your team building activity. Make sure you get to understand what the team entails and make each member comfortable to participate satisfactorily. Outdoor physical activities can be more memorable and successful. Just make sure they suit everyone.
  • Don’t create events which are too taxing or too mind blogging. In an effort to ensure that your employees are having fun while competing in team building activities, don’t make them too sappy and light. Some organizers do create events that are unduly draining emotionally. Make sure you strike a balance so that the events doesn’t turn out to be overly comic or overly difficult as either extremes will automatically detract from the main message of the event.

Some of the team building activities you can engage your employees include

  1. Battle of Airbands

This is an important team building activity which is good for team bonding. Here, you will require speakers, smartphone or mp3 player.  Split your group up into teams of 3-4 people and let them decide on who will be the guitarist, drammist or singers. You can allow them to have arrange themselves well before they can perform. Let them choose for themselves what to sing. If you can alert the teams in advance, they bring props or dress up for the event. When the performance is over, teams have the power to decide who is the winneror alternatively, let a neighboring department in on the fun and have them decide who the winner is.


  1. Zombie Escape

It is a great team building activity which helps in creative problem solving and collaboration skills. You will need one rope, 5-10 puzzles or clues, 1 key , depending on how much time you want to spend on the game. You are to gather the team in a conference room or other empty space and lock the door. Before doing so, select one team member to play the zombie – dead eyes, arms stretched and muttering “bbrraaaaiiiinnnnnns”. The tied volunteer will be in the room corner, which will be about a foot on the leeway. Once activity starts, after every five minutes, the zombie who is hungry is let out of the rope to get another  foot. Once the zombie reaches the living team members, the team will have to solve some cues or puzzles in order to find the hidden key. This is the key which will help in unlocking the door and allowing the escape of the zombie before it is too late.

  1. Back To Back Drawing

It is an important team building activity which is good for communication skills. You will need pens, markers, printouts of simple basic shapes or line drawing. The team will be split  into pairs and they sit back to back in pairs. One group member will get a simple image or shape and the other gets a piece of pen and paper. The person holding image or the picture will have to give out instructions verbally to the other one on how to draw the image or shape they have been given. After  a specific time duration, each partner to compare each other set, make comparisons of their images and see which team drew to a near perfect.


  1. A Shrinking Vessel

It is a team building activity which is good for creative problem solving. You require a blanket, a rope, or tape to mark a space on the floor. You will have to make a space on the floor and have the whole group stand in the space. You can decide to set smaller teams. You will find the place becoming smaller  so that the team will be required to work extra fast within the small space, work together to keep intact in the small boundaries.

Let the above be a guiding frame for your team building activity with your employees. Utilize the do’s and dont’s so that you get the best results out of the activity. There are several team building activities but you can start with the 4 mentioned above, so that you see how well your employees can play them. Share the information with your friends on social platforms.