Things to Know Before Purchasing from Hover Kicks

If you’re still having reservations on your purchase at Hover Kicks due to unclear policies or unanswered questions then we might just be able to turn that maybe into a yes. Don’t worry, just because you have more than one questions doesn’t mean that you’re overly critical or anything like that. It’s perfectly normal for anyone to ask everything about products that they’ll use for a long period of time. Remember, it’s not like you’re going to purchase a disposable item so it’s alright to be picky. 1460654568280762507

Return Policies

For Hover Kicks, the customer’s satisfaction is their top priority so any unsatisfactory product can be returned within a maximum of 15 days of the date of delivery. Bear in mind that all returns are subjected to a 15% restocking fee. Any refunds are made in the form of the customer’s original payment, so credit and gift cards are reissued to the customer. Items that are returned must be in their original and sellable conditions, which mean that the packaging as well as the tags should be included. Claims that have no signed or completely gilled out return forms alongside photo documentations will not be processed.images_q=tbn_ANd9GcQ0S-YMQsIUKLpuq5RMqBE3dIhhFtFBKKUEUVM9yOMw9yMRl_bYmg

Viewing the Order Status

On their official website, you can visit the ‘order status’ page in order to access information regarding the status of all your orders. You are required to provide your order number and email address in order to view the status.

Charging Hours

The typical length of the tenis LED lasts for about 6 hours or so before they need any recharging. But the battery life may be shortened or lengthened depending on your usage; if you typically set the lights to the brightest option then more battery is used by the LED lights thus you need to recharge them prior to the general 6 hours.