Things To Look For In LED Grow Lights

LED Grow lights, like the lampada led Apollo, has indeed, revolutionalized the means through which we do indoor planting. Thanks to these LED Grow lights, we are given ways in order for us to plant produce without making any regards to the season, thus allowing certain produce to be made available the whole year round. If you are looking to start your indoor gardening, here are some things you have to look for when you purchase LED Grow Lights.


Brand Reputation

The first thing you have to look into whenever you buy LED grow lights is the brand reputation. Does it come from a reputable company? There are a lot of manufacturers for LED grow lights, but not all of them are made the same way. If the company has been manufacturing LED grow lights for several years already, and if there are several gardeners who recommend this particular brand, then go for it.

Consumption of Electricity

One thing you would not want to happen is for your planting to cause a massive burn on your electricity bill. One of the greatest advantages associated with LED grow lights is the fact that their consumption of electricity is extremely minimal, as it calls only for as low as 300 W to higher than 1000 W, depending on the plants you plan to raise. These usually go on for 10 to 11 hours a day, hence the wattage should be taken care of.

Full LED Light Spectrum

In real-world photosynthesis, there are different wavelengths that are used to give plants the full spectrum. The most common lights needed for indoor planting, however, are blue and red, each of which are best activated for different stages in plant growth. This would help give plants ample radiation values needed for their optimal growth.