Top 10 Dj Headphones That You Must Have As A Dj

DJ Headphones is a must-have product that DJ’s should posses. These headphones come in sleek outer coverings that fit snugly over the head and give a balanced tone so that it protects the DJ from all the noise and sound even after wearing for long hours.

Some features that have to be considered is the audibility of the headphone so that is high in clarity even at top volumes. It should have a balanced tone so that they provide good sound and bass that is pleasant to the user. A collapsible product would be easy to carry around so that it would fit snugly when carried around while travelling. The on-and-off characteristic is what DJ’s prefer as they usually wear them with one ear on and the other ear off. Light weight is another characteristic that has to be considered so that it does not apply too much pressure particularly as it is used for many hours.  And these are factors that are present in the top 10 DJ Headphones.

With so many brands and models in the market choosing the bet, product is a tricky procedure. Selecting the best brand with the best features and within ones, budget is what matters most.


  • Sony MDRV55 provides value for money. The ear pads fit well into the ear and have rotating cups that are suitable for all position. They can be easily folded and fit neatly into the bags using minimum space. It isolates the noise from outside giving a rich bass sound at the right mix.
  • Sennheiser HD205II is a wee bit high on the budget that has a closed cup design that allows swiveling movement for better usage. The audio quality provides for high, low and bass clarity providing a balanced tone in sound.
  • Pioneer HDJ500 provides the HDJ2000 model that has used more technology and style in its product. For mixing purposes, the high and low bass facility are soothing to the ear especially as they have to be worn for long hours amidst high music and noise environment. This lightweight product is easy to carry and is handy to use as it is foldable and compact.


  • Allen & Health XD2-53 has been preferred by DJ’s as it provides sound isolation with high sound quality. The metallic outer protection is sleek and lustrous that can withstand all the wear, tear, and stress that are forced upon the headphone by the DJ when it is used, especially if it is one of the Top 10 DJ Headphones. The high clarity in sound with comfortable ear pads protect the ear and can be used for more hours than are normally possible.
  • Shure SRH750 has closed cup headphones that provide good mixing sound that adds richness to the sound and soothing to the ear. They also provide detachable cables that can be used easily

When making your choice remember that a DJ usually wear their headphones with one ear on and with the other off. This is done to monitor the channel with one ear and the other to listen to the monitor speaker. If you have the tendency to wear the headphones in this manner, you should choose a headphone that is flexible to adapt to this.