Top 10 Ingredients Of Ecoslim

The good part about Eco Slim is that it is vegetarian-friendly and it contains almost about 10 ingredients which are known for their weight loss properties. The ingredients of EcoSlim are Gallium Aparine, Wrack Vesiculosis, Garcinia Cambogia, Dandelion, Liquorice, Guarana, Eritrea Centaurium, Ginger, Pepper and Curcuma Longa. So you can easily observe over here is that all the ingredients are natural ones and they are surely going to benefit you.

Here is the detailed information about the ingredients of the product.


Gallium Aparine –This active ingredient helps in getting rid of toxins and it also helps in clearing the skin. The ingredient is used in many dermatological products.

Wrack Vesiculosis– This is a sea vegetable and it is really rich in vitamins and minerals. This helps in maintaining the metabolism of the body which eventually helps in weight loss.

Garcinia Cambogia– This is considered as a superfood as this is an amazing suppressant. The fruit can suppress the appetite which is very essential for losing the weight.

Dandelion– This is basically a flower and the scientific name of this is Taraxacum Officinalis and this helps in stimulating the liver and digestive system.

LiquoriceThis helps the adrenal cortex and the digestive system of the body. The component helps a lot in losing weight.

Guarana– This is considered as a superfood that helps in increasing the energy levels. It is considered as a natural fat burner.

Eritrea Centaurium– This is a flower and it also helps in improving the functions of the liver which aids weight loss.

Ginger– Everyone knows the benefits of the ginger as it is rich in anti-oxidants and it also helps in improving the digestion.

Pepper –Pepper helps in production of gastric juice and it eventually aids the metabolism of the body

Curcuma Longa–This ingredient is basically turmeric and this has many healing properties. In addition to this, it helps in breaking down the fat in the body.

These are all the ingredientsof the EcoSlimand as mentioned, they are all natural hence there are no side effects of the product.