Top 21 Richest Celebrities

Between endorsement contracts or deals, royalty payments and fat salaries, as well as huge number of side hustles, Hollywood celebrities’ net worth could skyrocket into thousands and millions of dollars.alberto-tolot-photoshoot-for-the-essential-gloria-estefan-05A reliable company conducts study on the richest celebrities alive. This include singers, athletes, musicians and of course actors. That means billionaires like Michael Jordan and Oprah, who are in managerial jobs instead of performance roles, were not regarded in this list, and neither individual who work firstly behind the scenes such as producers and directors.

Even if nobody on this list crack billionaire position the top name Madonna a popular top artists and Tiger Woods a professional golfer are close with 910 million and 900 million dollars in their account, respectively. Bagging the number 3 spot is Jerry Seinfeld. He has a net worth of 860 million dollars which make him the richest comedian and the wealthiest actor in general all over the world.downloadFrom rappers to Academy Award-winning actors turned produces and directors, here is the list of the wealthiestand richest celebrities who are still alive and active:

  1. Gloria Stefan – $380M
  2. Tyler Perry – $390M
  3. Mel Gibson – $400M
  4. Johnny Depp – $440M
  5. Tom Hanks – $470M
  6. Elton John – $470M
  7. Beyonce – $470M
  8. Mariah Carey – $520M
  9. Tom Cruise – $540M
  10. Sha Rukh Khan – $550M
  11. Jay Z – $570M
  12. Lebron James – $600M
  13. Bono – $610M
  14. Paul Mccartney – $690M
  15. Celine Dion – $700M
  16. Dr. Dre – $710M
  17. P. Diddy – $780M
  18. Jerry Seinfeld- $860M
  19. Tiger Woods – $900M
  20. Madonna – $910M

So, these are the list of the top 21 Hollywood celebrities with the highest network. At this point in time, their earning keeps on growing due to fact that they are in demand in various businesses like commercials, movies as well as endorsements.