Top 5 Brands Of Infant Formula Recommended

When it comes to feeding your baby, the type of food that you choose for her is very important and the brand of formula used goes a long way in ensuring her growth and development. Here are the top 5 brands of baby formula reviews that is recommended by the Paediatricians from around the world.homemade-infant

  1. Earth’s Best: This formula is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and protein. It also has ARA and DHA which is found in breast milk, naturally. These nutrients are said to be essential to develop the brain and eye of the baby. Similarly the ratio of casein and whey used also is identical to that which is found in mother’s milk. Organic lactose and organic glucose solids are used as carbohydrate source and it does not have any steroids or growth hormones added to it.
  2. Baby’s Only Organic Dairy: Packed with ARA and DHA, Baby’s Only is recommended if your baby has allergies. As a gluten-free formula, it doesn’t have any GMO ingredients or corn syrup for added flavour. From egg phospholipids, the ARA and DHA lipids are derived and used in this formula which gives it a natural fatty acid profile. It is also said to be free of steroids, antibiotics and artificial growth hormones.
  3. Gerber Good Start: To sooth your baby’s digestive system, the Gerber Good Start Gentle gives your baby the essential nutrition without affecting your baby’s stomach. It has tiny proteins that can be digested quite easily and even helps pass soft stools. This formula provides a flavour that is quite similar to that of breast milk to make your baby adapt easily. To support the eye and brain development, it contains fatty acids.
  4. Similac Go and Grow: This is a formula that contains Galacto oligosaccharides and Lutein which are nutrients that are present in breast milk. Moreover, it also has omega 6 and 3 which makes the formula identical to breast milk. The formula is suitable for allergy-prone babies as it is gluten free and in case your baby has sensitive tummies, this brand has a separate formula for that too.
  5. Enfamil Infant: This is a leading brand of infant formula that is highly recommended by the Paediatrician. It is said to be a very close substitute of breast milk and is said to contain all the essential nutrients required for the growth of the baby till he or she reaches 1 year of age. The Dual prebiotics present in the formula is said to support the natural defences of the baby and boost her immunity system. To enhance brain development of your baby, it also has DHA and choline present in its formula.

homemade-infantYou can choose to provide your baby with any of the above brands to ensure her growth and development. It is also advisable that your baby is breast fed exclusive till she is 6 months old and is still continued to be breast fed often till she is 12 months old.