Top RSPS With Frequent Updates

When it comes to choosing the best private server; the most preferred option is Runescape Private Servers. Having a private server can help you play a game more easily as the servers are already configured. If you are looking for the top servers then choose from this RSPS list;

PkHonor; with more than seven years of continuous online presence, Pkhonor is often referred to as the longest standing and most active rsps. You can find amazing features such as freedom to view any current offers, helpful support system and a games room which includes a fully-designed construction. What separates it from the rest is that it is free to play at all times and you will receive frequent updates.

0S-SCAPE; this multi private server is designed on a custom platform so as to provide unmatched server experience. It is streamlined, is updated weekly and has a large fan base of online communities. The active wilderness gives players plenty of opportunities to challenge various bosses in combat.


Elitescape; this is an economy server with more than 100 registered online gamers. You can connect with the developers at various social media sites and has an online community where you can get to view what other players are saying about Elitescape.

Eden; players who used to play Runescape 2008 will love Eden as it’s a remake. It has many improved features and updates which are meant to create a better game experience for players. It has received numerous votes making it one of the best in the rsps list.

How to findrsps

You can find a list of top servers by checking an online community which talks about Runescape Private Servers or look at the servers’ homepage to get more details.

While each developer often considers their server as the best, there are still others that don’t meet player’s standards. Opting for Elitescape, OSscape, and Eden will not leave you disappointed.