Unforgettable Moments In Sports

In the world of sports, there are tons of moments that make you shout with surprise and simply leave your mouth hanging; much like when you get a positive outcome from sbobet casino. But in the past decades of incredible sports events, which would be considered among the most forgettable moments?Agen-Judi-Bola-SBOBET-Minimal-Bet-Termurah-667x377

US Hockey Team VS Soviet in 1980

When the rag tag US hockey team mostly made out of teenage amateurs who can’t even say that they’re close defeated the best, most experienced and unbeatable team in the entire history of international hockey, the Soviet Hockey Team, it was remembered as the perfect example of miracles. During the exhibition of the team, the Soviet dominated the field; they scored 5-3-1 up against the National Hockey Team. A year before, they went up against the NHL All-Stars with an incredible score of 6-0 and won the Challenge Cup.192Take note that the America and Soviet, were rivals back then because of the Cold War. During the last minutes in the tournament, the crowd counted down until zero because they were tied. When all seems lost, the US won at 4-3, it was voted as the greatest sports moment of the 20th century as stated in Sports Illustrated.

Michael Jordan’s Final Shot

Fans all over the world refer to Michael Jordan as the best player in the game; a 5 time NBA MVP as well as a 6 time NBA finals MVP. Jordan played his last game alongside the bulls. During Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals held at the Delta Centre. Chicago Bulls led the season at 3-2, but the game was at 86-85 and only had 10 seconds on the clock. Jordan was dribble heading off to the right when he suddenly went left. The shot he made would be forever remembered and had already played hundreds of times on TV.