Ways To Pass Hair Drug Test

Imagine having the a great life with an amazing career and just about living the dream and then a surprise drug test appears in the office. If it’s scheduled in a few weeks, then you have nothing to worry about the marijuana or other drugs that you tried last month. Unfortunately, you need to know to pass drug test since you find out How to pass a hair follicle test; it’ll detect any ingestion of drugs for the last 90 days. Now comes in the sinking feeling that you might lose your job, your career and you might face a lot more consequences.


What You Can Do

Below are some of our recommended solutions and techniques that can help you avoid as much consequences as possible.

  • Shop online for hair treatments – you may not know it, but tons of hair products online actually claim to help users pass hair follicle drug tests. Obviously, these said products are going to be quite expensive, so look for the ones that have the best reviews and ratings.

  • Research more on the product – don’t really on testimonials you find on the product’s website, of course they’re not going to display anything negative about their products. Search your browser and seek the opinions and reviews from unrelated websites. We also suggest that you find ones with the money back guarantee warranty, because they can be very expensive.
  • Proper usage – once you have your hands on the product, dutifully follow the instructions indicated. Also, look online for any other additional advice or steps you can follow which could hopefully optimize the results.


  • When all else fails – well, you can only do damage control at this point. You can get a lawyer or you can try to dispute the results by seeking a second test. Here, you’ll claim that you failed the drug test due to something else you consumed which had the same effects.