What is Pinguecula? How it is caused and the symptoms to identify it

A Pinguecula is noncancerous or benign and growth that developing on your eye and it is called as eye pinguecula. When there is a more than one growth in eye it is said to be pingueculae. It grows in the conjunctive area of the eye forming a thin layer of tissue covering the white part of the eye. Pinguecula can occur in any age but it is mostly found in the middle aged and elder aged people. These kinds of growths are to be removed and in most of the cases there is no necessity of treatment. A Pinguecula looks like to be in yellowish in color and is in triangular shape. It seems to be a small raised patch close to your cornea and pinguecula is commonly found to be in the side of cornea and close to your nose, but there is a chance that they can even grow next to the cornea in the other side.  xpinguecula-jpg-pagespeed-ic-pwrisyto4

The growth of the pinguecula is at slow rate and rare but there are some pinguecula which can grow larger. An eye pinguecula is caused when the tissue in your eye conjunctive changes to create a small bump in your eye. And some of these bumps contain the fat, proteins and calcium and others contain the protein as well as either calcium or fat. This kind of eye pinguecula is more commonly found in the aged people who are caused due to the often espousing to dust, wind and sunlight. The following are the some of the symptoms of eye pinguecula they are

  • Irritation and dryness in the eye.
  • It makes you to feel that something is present in your eye.
  • The affected eye becomes red and it causes the itching.pinguecula-natural-cure

The above symptoms caused by pinguecula can be of mild or severe. It is advised better to consultant a eye doctor so that you can diagnose the location and the distance where it is present and treat it at the beginning itself.

Treatment for avoiding the cause of pinguecula at the beginning stage

It does not look to be serious because it does not affect your vision, but it is better to start the treatment in early stage itself. The prolonged exposure of the eyes to sunlight may cause many problems like the dryness in the eye and irritation. This eye irritation can be treated by using the artificial tear eye drops which lubricates the eye. We should be very carefully in maintaining the steroids because it may cause any side effects.