What To Do This Holiday

We all need a change of surroundings once in a while and that’s why we love going for holidays leaving our daily scheduled life behind. Coming up with a place to visit is really tough though because you are confused if you want to go to the mountains or the beaches. There is a lot riding on the budget and the distance of the spot too. Well I think you need to forget everything and visit the Playa del Carmen, on the coast of Mexico as soon as possible.

The natural beauty over there is beautiful specially the Caribbean Sea. You could go snorkelling, diving or even raving there. That town is even filled with history as you can see the Mayan relics and enjoy the delicious Mexican food without making a hole in your pocket. There are a lot of dance festivals too especially the BPM festival which is held in January.  Now let’s give a list of Ausflugen Playa del Carmen that you can try about when you go there.



You could go cenote diving. Cenotes are basically underground caves with fresh water inlets in them and there is plenty of cenotes in the Yucatan part of the city. It’s beautiful as the water is as clear as it could get. You do need a PADI license to go diving in these caves with a guide in the daylight. Some of the popular cenotes are Cenote Dos Ojos and Gran Cenote.

Even if you don’t have a license then you could always go snorkelling in these caves.

You need to visit Coba and Tulum for the Mayan relics and monuments. Both are just a bus ride or a taxi ride away to the south of the city. Though visiting the relics in the morning is advisable as they get pretty packed later. Tulum was a pretty important city and there is also a cliff there, where you could go for a swim.

Visiting Akumal is a must because you get to swim with turtles. You will find Hawksbill, green and Loggerhead turtles. You need to get your own snorkelling kit. You can avail a can or a tax to this place.


There is also a small island off the coast of Playa del Carmen and you can avail a ferry to the island. The island is very beautiful because of the exquisite beaches. The ferry will cost $13 USD. It’s great fun hitchhiking around the island, if you are an adventurous soul.

You could visit some local food shops and restaurants and eat all the Mexican food that you have ever desired for at a very minimal price. You could visit Yo Amo Tacos to eat the best tacos in town and if you want a bit more Mexican then you could visit El Fogon.

This is last on my list but not to forget you have to visit Coco Bongo for their crazy parties. The parties do get a bit too much for some people but it’s not your typical disc parties. There are live acrobats, dancers and other performances on show with very loud music, and a huge range of alcohol.