What To Expect In A Birchbox Beauty Box?

Many women like to subscribe on Birchbox and get a monthly beauty box for only $10 a month. Monthly, Birchbox gives you beauty samples that originates from top brands selected randomly on https://www.reviewingthis.com/birchbox-review-coupon/. Each month, you can get different beauty samples. You can receive body soaps and lotions for November and get a box of mascaras and lipstick in December. Certainly, the random process of choosing products for a box gives a sense of excitement among subscribers. This is mainly one of the reason why most people avail to Birchbox subscription.

This process gives the subscribers the feeling of receiving a gift every month, while wondering what it would be. Although, finding out what is inside the boxes is a surprise, let me give you a hint on what the boxes look like and what they might comprise.


Looking Inside the Box

Receiving a package that looks extraordinary is a plus after waiting for almost a month upon your subscription. After a long wait, you get to receive a box, which is about a size of a book, and inside the box are the products covered in colored tissue paper.

Cards containing information is usually attached to these boxes. There are months, which talk about themes surrounding Women’s History Month featuring beauty samples, which are in line with the motif. Having powerful, high-performing products just like women. In addition, when you flip the card, you can see the lists of the names of the items in your box and its corresponding details. Generally, the Birchbox beauty box could contain 4-5 beauty samples and an added two bonus items. You can call these items as lifestyle extras.

Normally, in Birchbox, you do not get to choose your beauty samples. You just wait and find out what would it be. Then, you can either like it or not like it at all but upon subscribing, you should expect the bad and the good of the products.