Your Search To Best Running And Workout Applications For Android Ends Here!

With increasing development in technology, human dependence on smartphones is increasing day by day. But how about using your android phone to develop physical fitness? The idea seems weird but is possible! Thanks to the endless varieties of running apps found at Google play store, that can not only help you design your fitness routine but can also motivate you towards RunningLikeAPro

Running Out Of Time

Having a running application on your phone is very beneficial to achieve a disclipned workout routine.Gone are the days when you would depend on peripheral devices to monitor your pulse,heart rate and blood pressure,now all of this is possible using your android phone.Let us explore some well-known and handy running applications available for android platform.

Zombies Run

This application is designed specifically for people who find running a monotonous activity to engage in.This is a fun application that would make running an exhilarating and adventurous experience. It was originally designed for IOS users but now is available on android platform also. The application provides a voice over and rich HD graphics where the player is supposed to run in order to prevent oneself from zombies.


Runtastic App

Available for IOs and android,this is a well-designed running application that monitors your speed,time and distance and analysis your daily output.It uses the inbuilt GPS facility of your smartphone to monitor your running metrics.


This is perhaps the most downloaded running application with about 10 million downloads on Google store.Being a free application, the app lets you plan short as well as long term fitness goals and uses a voiceover to help keep you motivated.

Get Running

This is a paid but highly resourceful android application that will help you design your running schedules in the most effective manner. With a very good star feedback rating this application is a must have on for every fitness freak who is looking for a good running management application on android.


Charity Miles

This application motivates you to run for a good cause of charity. For the amount of distance you cover, a considerable amount of money is donated to one of the charitable organisations sponsored by the application. Hence, the application is not helping you towards a better workout but also is making you contribute for a good cause.

Download the application that suits you the best and have the best running experience!